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uk /ˈrek.ən/ us /ˈrek.ən/

reckon verb (THINK)

B2 [ I ] informal to think or believe:

I reckon it's going to rain.
[ + (that) ] How much do you reckon (that) it's going to cost?
"Can you fix my car today?" "I reckon not/so (= probably not/probably)."

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reckonverb [ T ]

us /ˈrek·ən/

reckon verb [ T ] (CALCULATE)

to calculate an amount based on facts or on your expectations:

Do you reckon this watch has a little value?
[ + that clause ] Brusca reckons that the value of all goods and services produced declined last quarter.

reckon verb [ T ] (CONSIDER)

to consider or have the opinion that something is as stated:

She reckoned they were both equally responsible.
She was widely reckoned to be the best actress of her generation.
I reckon I better get goin’ now.
noun [ U ] us /ˈrek·ə·nɪŋ/

By my reckoning, we should get there in another hour or so.

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"reckon" in Business English

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reckonverb [ T ]

uk /ˈrekən/ us

to calculate an amount:

Fees are reckoned in Euros but can be paid in any currency.

to give a general idea about an amount or number:

The authors reckon that public sector debt is over 65% of GDP.
sth is reckoned to be sth The market value is reckoned to be 10 million dollars.
The deal is reckoned to be worth $14.4 billion.

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In plain words that means that anyone who does not secure the funds as planned with their own complimentary funds must reckon in future with financial sanctions.
We have given an important place to innovative methods, so we have to reckon with the risk and possibility of mistakes being made.
You can reckon on a four- or five-fold increase in numbers, and everyone can imagine the kind of problems that would cause.
We reckon that 5% of all hospital admissions are the result of adverse drug reactions and that adverse drug reactions cause a fifth of the unnecessary deaths in hospitals.
Although that is already what we expect of the 2003 budget, we of course know that we have to reckon with resistance on fundamental decisions.
In adopting the regulation we had assumed that we would have to reckon on the registration of approximately 200 000 chemical substances.
So, as well as spongiform encephalopathy, hormones and genetic manipulation, we must now also reckon with the accumulation of dioxins and organochlorates in our food chains.