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Meaning of “regular” in the English Dictionary

"regular" in British English

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uk   /ˈreɡ.jə.lər/  us   /-lɚ/

regular adjective (OFTEN)

B1 happening or doing something often: a regular ​customer/​churchgoer/​reader/​user Professional ​athletes make regular ​appearances on TV.
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regular adjective (EVEN)

B2 existing or ​happeningrepeatedly in a ​fixedpattern, with ​equal or ​similaramounts of ​space or ​time between one and the next; ​even: Her ​heartbeat was regular. The ​gardenersplanted the ​trees at regular intervals. I ​suggest that we have regular ​meetings/​meet on a regularbasis. Someone who is regular ​emptiestheirbowels often enough, and a woman who is regular always has her ​period at ​approximately the same ​time: The ​doctorasked if I was regular/if my ​bowelmovements were regular.
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regular adjective (USUAL)

A2 mainly US usual or ​ordinary: Her regular ​secretary was off ​sick for a ​week. I couldn't ​see my regular ​dentist. You can use ​low-fat or regular ​creamcheese. Do you ​wantlargefries or regular ​fries with that?B1 specialized language A regular ​verb, ​noun, or ​adjectivefollows the ​usualrules in the ​structure of ​itsvariousforms: "Talk" is a regular ​verb but "be" is not.a regular guy US a ​normal man who is ​liked and ​trustedregular army, soldier, etc. an ​army that ​exists all the ​time, or a ​soldier in such an ​army
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regular adjective (SIMILAR)

the same on both or all ​sides: He's very ​handsome, with regular ​features and ​deepbrowneyes. A ​square is a regular ​quadrilateral.

regular adjective (COMPLETE)

[before noun] informal real; ​complete: The ​situation here now is ​becoming a regular ​disaster.old-fashioned That ​child is a regular ​charmer/little ​nuisance.
noun [U] uk   /ˌreɡ.jʊˈlær.ə.ti/  us   /-ˈler.ə.t̬i/
The same ​familiarfacesreappear in the ​lawcourts withdepressing regularity.

regularnoun [C]

uk   /ˈreɡ.jʊ.lər/  us   /-lɚ/

regular noun [C] (CUSTOMER)

someone who often goes to a ​particularevent or ​place, such as a ​shop or ​restaurant: He's one of the regulars at the ​pub.

regular noun [C] (SOLDIER)

a ​soldier whose ​permanentjob is being a ​soldier
(Definition of regular from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"regular" in American English

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 us   /ˈreɡ·jə·lər/

regular adjective (REPEATED)

happeningrepeatedly in a ​fixedpattern, with ​equal or ​similaramounts of ​space or ​time between one and the next: a regular ​heartbeat working regular ​hours Trees were ​planted at regular ​intervals along the ​avenue.

regular adjective (USUAL)

usual or ​ordinary; normal : He ​drove his regular ​route to ​work. Her regular ​assistant is on ​vacation. Regular also ​means of an ​average or ​standardsize: That ​minivan is ​longer than a regular ​stationwagon. The regular ​army is the ​permanentlyorganizedarmy of a ​country. grammar A regular ​verb, ​noun, ​adjective, or other ​type of word ​follows the ​usualrules in the ​language for ​changing word endings. If you ​describe a man as a regular ​guy, you ​mean that he is an ​ordinary, ​likableperson: He ​wanted to ​prove he was a regular ​guy by going ​fishing.

regular adjective (OFTEN)

doing the same thing or going to the same ​place often: a regular ​contributor to the ​magazine a regular ​customer

regular adjective (EQUAL)

shapedequally on all ​sides: Her ​teeth are ​small and regular.

regularnoun [C]

 us   /ˈreɡ·jə·lər/

regular noun [C] (FREQUENT PERSON)

someone who goes to the same ​place or does the same thing often: He’s one of the regulars at the ​club.
(Definition of regular from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"regular" in Business English

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uk   us   /ˈreɡjələr/
happening at the same ​time each day, week, month, etc. and usually fairly often: All ​staff make regular ​payments to the ​pensionfund. I need a ​job with a regular ​income. I would like a ​job with more regular ​hours. Discussions about the direction of the ​company take ​place on a regular ​basis.
[before noun] COMMERCE used to describe someone who often uses something or ​buys something from the same ​organization: We have a ​specialoffer for our regular ​customers. The ​service has over 70,000 regular ​users.
[before noun] HR used to describe someone who is ​employed permanently by a ​company, etc.: Temporary ​workers do not get the same ​benefits as regular ​employees.
[before noun] HR used to describe ​work that is ​permanent: She has had plenty of ​jobs but never been in regular ​employment. He gave up his regular ​job to ​play in a rock ​band.
COMMERCE ordinary or typical in ​size or ​quality: Do you want a ​small, regular, or large coffee? Try ​substituting soy ​milk for regular ​milk. The ​price of regular ​gasoline has ​risensteeply.
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uk   us   /ˈreɡjələr/ informal
COMMERCE a ​customer who goes to the same ​store, ​restaurant, etc. very often: He's a regular at all the ​fashionableclubs.
(Definition of regular from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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“regular” in Business English

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