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reinnoun [ C usually plural ]

uk /reɪn/ us /reɪn/

a long, thin piece of material, especially leather, that helps you to control and direct a horse:

You pull on both reins to stop or slow a horse, but only the left rein to turn left.

UK a strap that is put around a small child's body or wrist and held at the other end by an adult so that the adult can stop the child running away:

I always put my son on reins when we go shopping.

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"rein" in American English

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reinnoun [ C usually pl ]

us /reɪn/

a long thin piece of material, esp. leather, used to control a horse

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"rein" in Business English

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uk /reɪn/ us
the reins [ plural ]

power and control of a business or other activity:

These are the councillors who hold the reins of power.
He handed the reins to his successor.
I am retiring, and someone else can take over the reins.
free rein

the freedom to do what you want to do:

have free rein We were told we had free rein on questions of design.
give sb/sth free rein (to do sth) She was given free rein to make all the changes she wanted.
give/allow sth full rein also give/allow full rein to sth

to allow something to happen freely and completely:

This is a post which will give your talents full rein.
It's a task that requires you to allow full rein to your imagination.
keep a tight rein on sth

to control something very carefully:

We need to keep a tight rein on the advertising budget.

(Definition of “rein” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)