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"reliable" in British English

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uk /rɪˈlaɪ.ə.bəl/ us /rɪˈlaɪ.ə.bəl/

B1 Someone or something that is reliable can be trusted or believed because he, she, or it works or behaves well in the way you expect:

Is your watch reliable?
reliable information
Gideon is very reliable - if he says he'll do something, he'll do it.

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noun [ U ] uk /rɪˌlaɪ.əˈbɪl.ə.ti/ us /rɪˌlaɪ.əˈbɪl.ə.t̬i/


Rolls-Royce cars are famous for their quality and reliability.
adverb uk /rɪˈlaɪ.ə.bli/ us /rɪˈlaɪ.ə.bli/

I am reliably informed that you have been talking about resigning from the company.

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"reliable" in American English

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us /rɪˈlɑɪ·ə·bəl/

deserving trust; dependable:

My car is old but it’s reliable.
noun [ U ] us /rɪˌlɑɪ·əˈbɪl·ɪ·t̬i/

The reliability of this smoke detector is guaranteed.
adverb us /rɪˈlɑɪ·ə·bli/

His whereabouts were unknown, but he was reliably reported to be alive.

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"reliable" in Business English

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uk /rɪˈlaɪəbl/ us

reliable information or data is accurate or able to be trusted:

Broker-dealers must use their judgment in assessing whether the issuer information is from a reliable source.
reliable information/data/evidence Currently, investors do not always have access to reliable information when they need it.
reliable figures/estimates/indicators The Consumer Price Index is a reasonably reliable indicator of inflation.
more/less reliable Research results are more reliable when they are independent of the person who has conducted the study.

a machine, piece of equipment, or system that is reliable always works well without breaking down:

Consumer demand for fuel-efficient, reliable vehicles is on the increase.
People are often willing to pay a premium for a familiar, reliable service.
While these disks function well as backup storage, they aren't reliable enough for long-term archiving.
more/less/the least, etc. reliable The hard disk on which data is stored is probably the least reliable component in a PC.

a reliable person is someone that you can trust to work hard and do what they say they will do:

Employers want reliable workers.
She's usually very reliable.
adverb /rɪˈlaɪəbli/

At this stage, long-term costs cannot be reliably estimated.

(Definition of “reliable” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)