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"reminder" in British English

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uk /rɪˈmaɪn.dər/ us /rɪˈmaɪn.dɚ/

C1 [ C ] a written or spoken message that reminds someone to do something:

If he forgot to pay his rent, his landlady would send him a reminder.
[ + to infinitive ] Mum sent me off with a final reminder to be back before 11 p.m.

More examples

  • Ordinarily, we send a reminder about a month before payment is required.
  • Eventually they paid up, but only after receiving several reminders.
  • Send him a reminder, would you, that payment is due?
  • I finally paid the bill after two reminders.
  • I wrote him a reminder that the report was due in next week.
a reminder of sb/sth

More examples

  • The monument stands as a chilling reminder of man's inhumanity to man.
  • The accident is a grim reminder of the potential dangers involved in North Sea oil production.
  • Your letter came as a timely reminder that we need to arrange a meeting.
  • The temple ruins are a distant reminder of a vanished empire.
  • The collapse of the bank is an ominous reminder of the fragility of the world's banking system.

C1 a person or thing that makes you remember a particular person, event, or situation:

[ + question word ] Patricia's story is a reminder of how vulnerable women can be in what is still essentially a man's world.

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"reminder" in American English

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remindernoun [ C ]

us /rɪˈmɑɪn·dər/

something that helps someone remember:

She kept the shells as a reminder of our days together.
[ + that clause ] The park serves as a reminder that nature is worth preserving.

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"reminder" in Business English

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remindernoun [ C ]

uk /rɪˈmaɪndər/ us

COMMERCE a letter to a customer asking for a payment that they should already have made:

automatic/email/written reminders

(Definition of “reminder” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)