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requireverb [ T ]

uk /rɪˈkwaɪər/ us /rɪˈkwaɪr/

B1 to need something or make something necessary:

Please call this number if you require any further information.
Skiing at 80 miles per hour requires total concentration.
[ + obj + to infinitive ] Bringing up children often requires you to put their needs first.
You are required by law to stop your car after an accident.
[ + that ] The rules require that you bring only one guest to the dinner.

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us /rɪˈkwɑɪər/

require verb (NEED)

[ T ] to need something, or to make something necessary:

If you require assistance with your bags, I’ll be glad to get someone to help you.
This game requires total concentration.

require verb (ORDER)

to order or demand something, or to order someone to do something, esp. because of a rule or law:

[ + to infinitive ] We’re required to check your identification before letting you in.
[ T ] A building permit is required.

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"require" in Business English

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requireverb [ T ]

uk /rɪˈkwaɪər/ us formal

to make it officially necessary for someone do something:

require sb to do sth Health and safety regulations require all staff to wear protective clothing.
require that The contract requires that we notify our sponsors of all changes in project specification.
The company is required by law to make regular tax returns.

to need something:

This project will require massive investment.
The proposed new measures require approval by the board.

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