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researchnoun [ U ]

uk /rɪˈsɜːtʃ/ /ˈriː.sɜːtʃ/ us /ˈriː.sɝːtʃ/ /rɪˈsɝːtʃ/ UK also researches [ plural ]

researchverb [ I or T ]

uk /rɪˈsɜːtʃ/ us /rɪˈsɝːtʃ/

B2 to study a subject in detail, especially in order to discover new information or reach a new understanding:

She's researching into possible cures for AIDS.
Journalists were frantically researching the new prime minister's background, family, and interests.

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noun [ C ] uk /rɪˈsɜː.tʃər/ us /rɪˈsɝː.tʃɚ/



a television/political researcher

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researchnoun [ U ]

us /ˈri·sɜrtʃ, rɪˈsɜrtʃ/

a detailed study of a subject in order to discover information or achieve a new understanding of it:

The US government has funded some research on high-speed trains.
I like doing research.
verb [ I/T ] us /rɪˈsɜrtʃ, ˈri·sɜrtʃ/

[ T ] Obviously they didn’t research it and get enough information.
noun [ C ] us /rɪˈsɜr·tʃər, ˈriˌsɜr-/

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researchnoun [ U ]

uk /rɪˈsɜːtʃ/ us

detailed study of a subject, especially in order to discover new information or understand the subject better:

research into/on sth He is conducting detailed research into the effects of advertising on children.
carry out/do/conduct research The doctor has carried out extensive research on the superbug.
We'll need to do some research into the market before we commit ourselves.
It was a useful piece of research.
scientific/medical research He doesn't believe the scientific research.
a research assistant/student
a research grant

researchverb [ I or T ]

uk /rɪˈsɜːtʃ/ us

to study a subject carefully or in detail, especially in order to discover new information or understand the subject better:

research into sth She researches into the effects of climate change.

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The appropriations are needed for pilot projects, research, information exchange and also to cultivate more positive attitudes towards the use of renewable energy.
Ongoing, well-structured dialogue between universities, research centres and businesses can enable a real link to be established between employers' requirements and the skills acquired during education and training cycles.
Using appropriations that have not been used may prove an incentive not to use all research appropriations in order to be able to invest them in decommissioning.
There is research data on that.
Allow me to anticipate these and state that politicians ought to listen to scientific assessments and conclusions and not try to make their own assessments of the scientific research material.
As we well know, the main result of research is knowledge, followed by the opportunity to enhance that result in the economic sector, or indeed the industrial sector.
The fisheries sector is facing many problems, so research and scientific support work are powerful tools for the further sustainable development of this sector.
With increasing consumption rates, the depletion of fossil fuels is becoming inevitable and we should therefore increase investment in further research and in the development of sustainable transportation.
The demand for research is huge where supporting policy choices, risk analyses, environmental effect reports, monitors and comparative research is concerned.
Each research community is best aware of its own needs for investment and development - these should not be too tightly controlled by policy.

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