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uk /rɪˈstrɪk.tɪd/ us /rɪˈstrɪk.tɪd/

C1 limited, especially by official rules, laws, etc.:

Building in this area of town is restricted.
Membership is restricted to (= it is only for) chief executive officers.
Our view of the stage was restricted (= objects prevented us from seeing the whole stage).

A restricted area is one that you need official permission to enter because the police or the armed forces want to keep it secret, or because it is considered dangerous:

Wellington Barracks is a restricted area and anyone who enters should have identification.

A restricted document is one that you need official permission to read because the government wants to keep it secret.


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"restricted" in Business English

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uk /rɪˈstrɪktɪd/ us

limited in amount or range:

Job opportunities are severely restricted at the moment.
restricted goods/service/supply Engineering work will also mean restricted services between London and the Midlands.
restricted to sb/sth Access to the system is now restricted to authorized staff.

STOCK MARKET, WORKPLACE used to describe shares given to employees or sold to them at a reduced price, which they are then not allowed to sell for a particular period:

The Company grants no restricted stock and has no long-term incentive plan.
restricted shares/stock/securities

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