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revealverb [ T ]

uk /rɪˈviːl/ us /rɪˈviːl/

B2 to make known or show something that is surprising or that was previously secret:

He was jailed for revealing secrets to the Russians.
[ + that ] Her biography revealed that she was not as rich as everyone thought.
[ + question word ] He would not reveal where he had hidden her chocolate eggs.

C2 to allow something to be seen that, until then, had been hidden:

A gap in the clouds revealed the Atlantic far below.

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revealnoun [ C usually singular ]

uk /rɪˈviːl/ us /rɪˈviːl/

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us /rɪˈvil/

to make known or show something usually secret or hidden:

She revealed her history to him because she thought it was important.
[ + that clause ] X-rays revealed that my ribs had been cracked but not broken.

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The second check did not reveal any more asbestos fibres, suggesting that they had been brought in from outside, or could well have been.
Effective prevention of outbreaks of animal diseases requires maximum transparency and this interest must prevail over that of industry that refuses to reveal the content of cattle feed.
I hope that we will very soon receive facts, figures and data that reveal how successful the existing system has been in practice.
In his explanatory statement, the rapporteur rightly tackles certain points which reveal the complexity of the intervention mechanisms to be set up.
If ever there happens to be radioactivity in a given area, mineral deposits will reveal this without the need for the time-consuming examination of groundwater.
The mass mobilisation of workers and the resounding 'no' votes in referendums reveal growing popular outrage at this policy and open the way to its repeal.
Alarmingly, these proposals and wordings reveal a total lack of respect for the value of every human life, regardless of whether we are talking about sick or healthy people.
What does this note reveal?
The emails also reveal that scientists sceptical of the hypothesis have been squeezed out of peer review processes to avoid flaws in research being revealed to public scrutiny.
Yet, today, that curtain has been removed to reveal a mosaic, where each piece retains a distinct identity, but together form a greater entity.