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Meaning of “review” in the English Dictionary

"review" in British English

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uk   us   /rɪˈvjuː/

review verb (THINK AGAIN)

C1 [T] to ​think or ​talk about something again, in ​order to make ​changes to it or to make a ​decision about it: The ​committee is reviewing the ​currentarrangement/​situation. Let's review what has ​happened so ​far. He reviewed his ​options before making a ​finaldecision.
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review verb (BOOK/FILM)

B2 [T] If critics review a ​book, ​play, ​film, etc. they write ​theiropinion of it: I only go to ​seefilms that are reviewed ​favourably.

review verb (MILITARY)

[T] When an ​importantperson reviews ​militaryforces, they ​formally visitand ​look at them: The Queen reviewed the ​troops on her ​recentvisit.

review verb (STUDY)

[I or T] US (UK revise) to ​study again something you have already ​learned, in ​preparation for an ​exam: We're reviewing (​algebra) for the ​testtomorrow.


uk   us   /rɪˈvjuː/

review noun (THINK AGAIN)

C2 [C or U] the ​act of ​considering something again in ​order to make ​changes to it, give an ​opinion of it or ​study it: an ​annual review ofcompanyperformance a review of the year's ​topnewsstories Salary ​levels are under review at the ​moment. Your ​licence will come up for review every ​July.
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review noun (BOOK/FILM)

B1 [C] a ​report in a ​newspaper, ​magazine, or ​programme that gives an ​opinion about a new ​book, ​film, etc.: Derek writes film/​theatre/​book reviews for the ​newspapers. The ​play gotexcellent reviews when it was first ​seen. [C usually singular] a (​part of a) ​newspaper or ​magazine that has ​articles on ​films, ​books, ​travel, ​famouspeople, etc.: Could you ​pass me the review (section of the ​paper), ​please?

review noun (MILITARY)

[C] a ​formalmilitaryceremony in which ​forces are reviewed by an ​importantperson: Many ​diplomatsattended a ​naval review to ​mark the ​anniversary of the end of the ​war.

review noun (THEATRE)

[C] a revue

review noun (STUDY)

[C] US information or a ​practiceexercise about a ​subject to be ​studied: Their ​teacherdistributed a review for the ​exam.
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"review" in American English

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reviewverb [T]

 us   /rɪˈvju/
to ​consider something in ​order to make ​changes in it, ​study it, or give an ​opinion about it: Officials have to review the ​text before it’s made ​public. Pauline Kael reviewed ​movies (= ​wroteopinions about ​movies) for "The New Yorker." She ​spenthalf the ​night reviewing her ​notes for the ​Frenchtest (= ​studying them again).
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"review" in Business English

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uk   us   /rɪˈvjuː/
[C or U] MANAGEMENT the ​process of carefully ​examining a ​situation to ​find out whether ​changes or ​improvements need to be made: review of sth The next ​scheduled review of ​bonusrates will take ​place early in the new ​year. The matter is ​currently under review. a price/​pay/​spending review a review ​committee/​board/​panelcall for/order a review (of sth) The Treasury ​selectcommittee called last month for a review of the bank's ​supervisory role.conduct/carry out a review (of sth) Outside ​consultants have been called in to ​conduct a review of the firm's ​businessstructure.launch/complete/conclude a review (of sth) None of the ​majormediacompanies will be able to ​act until the ​Office of Fair Trading ​concludes its review of ​commercialbroadcasting.a strategic/independent/comprehensive review Current ​chairman, Richard Carter, has announced a ​strategic review.
[C] a ​report that contains important ​information about a particular ​subject or ​activity: Current ​businessframeworks and ​methodologies are ​analysed in the review appearing in Section 2 of the ​book. Ofcom has recently ​published its review of the ​telecomsmarket. Our ​annual review and ​accounts are ​published each ​year.
[C] a ​shortarticle that someone writes ​expressing their ​opinion about something such as a new ​product or ​service: Our ​websiteenablesshoppers to make side-by-side ​product comparisons and read ​customer reviews. Despite mixed reviews, the movie was a huge box-office ​success. a book/​restaurant review
[C] ACCOUNTING, FINANCE an ​examination of the ​accounts of a ​business to ​check that they have been done according to ​acceptedstandards: The Committee received ​reports from the ​externalauditors on the ​conduct of their ​audit, their review of the ​accounts, and their comments on ​riskmanagement.

reviewverb [T]

uk   us   /rɪˈvjuː/
MANAGEMENT to carefully ​examine a ​situation to ​find out whether ​changes or ​improvements need to be made: Experts are urging borrowers to review their ​mortgagearrangements and, if they can, to ​switch now to a better ​rate. The ​airline said it would continue to review the ​situation. The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity ​Commission) reviews all ​cases before any ​lawsuits can be ​ reviewed by sb/sth The ​proposedproject will be reviewed by several ​federalagencies.
to ​provide a written description containing important ​information about a particular ​subject or ​activity: Before ​moving onto the next ​chapter, we review some ​keyfactors that ​limit the ​impact of ​CEOs within the ​corporatestructure.
to write a ​shortarticleexpressing your ​opinion about something such as a new ​product or ​service: Customers reviewing ​digital cameras are ​asked to ​identify whether they are ​amateur or ​professional photographers.
ACCOUNTING, FINANCE to ​examine the ​accounts of a ​business to ​check that they have been done according to ​acceptedstandards: The Auditor's ​Office generally reviews the ​books of ​publicagencies every three ​years.
(Definition of review from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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