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uk /rɪˈdɪk.jə.ləs/ us /rɪˈdɪk.jə.ləs/

B2 stupid or unreasonable and deserving to be laughed at:

Do I look ridiculous in this hat?
Don't be so ridiculous! I can't possibly afford to stay in a hotel like that.
It's ridiculous to expect a two-year-old to be able to read!

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adverb uk /rɪˈdɪk.jə.lə us /rɪˈdɪk.jə.lə

Hotel rooms in the city are ridiculously overpriced.

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us /rɪˈdɪk·jə·ləs/

foolish or unreasonable and deserving to be laughed at:

Don’t be ridiculous – there’s no way I can buy a car.

(Definition of “ridiculous” from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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I believe that this situation is absolutely ridiculous - we have asked them to intervene on this, but have gained no result at all.
Let me give you an example which requires no further comment: the ridiculous example of shipping registers and the way in which they operate and grant or withhold recognition.
Although it is now marginally more acceptable, the climate change package is still a bad one, and its adoption at this juncture is simply ridiculous.
Let us hope that the judge, who will make a decision on the women's appeal in one week's time, realises how ridiculous and unjust the situation is.
Within these rights we should build a social unit of young and old, instead of placing them in a ridiculous opposition.
The question of limiting enlargement is ridiculous.
Under these circumstances, talk of dialogue between civilisations sounds ridiculous and we wonder what purpose the proposed parliamentary conference will serve.
The idea that every sheep could be recorded with a 14-digit number when it is being moved is completely ridiculous.
The reason which you give, namely that new embryos must not be produced, is, quite simply, ridiculous, for any research scientist will tell you that this problem does not exist.
If we continue to invoke it when there is no prime facie risk at all, we make both the precautionary principle and ourselves look ridiculous.

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