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uk /rɪp/ us /rɪp/ -pp-

rip verb (TEAR)

B2 [ I or T ] to pull apart; to tear or be torn violently and quickly:

His new trousers ripped when he bent down.
I ripped my shirt on a nail.
The wind ripped the flag to/into shreds (= into little pieces).

C1 [ T + adv/prep ] to remove something quickly, without being careful:

I wish the old fireplaces hadn't been ripped out.
We ripped up the carpets and laid a new wooden floor.

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ripnoun [ C ]

uk /rɪp/ us /rɪp/ plural -pp-


uk /ˌɑː.raɪˈpiː/ us /ˌɑːr.aɪˈpiː/

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us /rɪp/

rip verb (TEAR)

[ I/T ] -pp- to tear something quickly and with force, or to break apart something:

[ T ] I ripped my sleeve.
[ T ] The wind ripped the flag to shreds.
[ M ] The letter made me so angry, I ripped it up.
[ M ] He lost control of the car and it ripped down a fence.

[ I/T ] -pp- To rip out something is to remove it:

[ M ] The previous owner ripped out the fireplace.

rip verb (MOVE QUICKLY)

[ I always + adv/prep ] to move quickly or violently:

A hurricane ripped through Rhode Island yesterday.

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ripverb [ T ]

uk /rɪp/ us -pp-

IT to copy pictures or sounds from a CD or DVD onto a computer:

rip sth onto sth PC users can rip digital music onto a PC.

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