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"round" in British English

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roundpreposition, adverb

uk /raʊnd/ /raʊnd/ mainly UK US usually around

round preposition, adverb (AROUND)

A2 in a circular direction or position; around:

The moon goes round the earth.
We ran round (the outside of the house) to the back, looking for the dog.
The idea has been going round and round in my head all day (= I can't stop thinking about it).
When one engine stopped, we had to turn round (= turn to face the opposite direction) and fly home.
He tried to go round the keeper (= move with the football past a goalkeeper) but was forced wide.

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round preposition, adverb (IN ALL PARTS)

B1 in every part of a place, or in various parts of a place:

The landlord showed me round (the house).
I had to go all round town to find a hotel that was open.
This virus has been going round (the school) (= many people have had it) .

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round preposition, adverb (SURROUNDING)

A2 on all or some sides of something:

We sat round the fire.
The house has trees all round.
The pyramid is 50 metres high and 100 metres round (the base).
Everyone for a mile round (= in the area) heard the explosion.

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round preposition, adverb (DIRECTION)

A2 in a particular direction:

The garden is round the back (of the house).
I used to live round (= near) here when I was a child.
You must come round (to my house) sometime soon.
UK not standard We're going round (= to) the pub for a quick drink.

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uk /raʊnd/ us /raʊnd/

round adjective (CIRCULAR)

A2 shaped like a ball or circle, or curved:

Tennis balls and oranges are round.
a round face
round eyes

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roundnoun [ C ]

uk /raʊnd/ us /raʊnd/

round noun [ C ] (GROUP)

C2 a number of things or group of events:

Russia and America will hold another round of talks next month.
When we were young life was just one long round of parties/pleasure.

C2 drinks that you buy for a group of people:

It's your turn to buy a round.
He bought a round of drinks to say thank you.

UK a single slice of toast, or a sandwich

UK US route a set of regular visits that you make to a number of places or people, especially in order to take products as part of your job:

He has a milk/paper round.

specialized music a song for several singers, who begin singing one after the other at various points in the song

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roundverb [ T ]

uk /raʊnd/ us /raʊnd/

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"round" in American English

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us /rɑʊnd/

round adjective (CIRCULAR)

[ -er/-est only ] shaped like a circle or having a surface like part of a ball:

They sat at a round table.
She held up a round mirror.
Carlos was a round-cheeked boy.

round adjective (APPROXIMATE)

[ not gradable ] (of a number) not exact but approximate, and ending in zero:

In round numbers, about three million tourists visit each year.

roundverb [ T ]

us /rɑʊnd/

round verb [ T ] (MOVE AROUND)

to go around something and arrive on the other side:

The car rounded the corner and stopped in front of the house.

roundnoun [ C ]

us /rɑʊnd/

round noun [ C ] (SINGLE EVENT)

a single event or a small group of similar events that are part of a larger series of events:

The first round of negotiations got nowhere.

In many sports, a round is a stage in a competition:

They lost in the first round of the tournament.

In golf, a round is a complete game.

In boxing, a round is one of the periods during which the competitors fight.

round of applause

A round of applause is a period of clapping to show approval:

Let’s give the band a nice round of applause.
round (of drinks)

A round (of drinks) is a drink for each person in a group.

round noun [ C ] (BULLET)

a bullet or other piece of ammunition (= something that can be shot from a weapon or exploded):

They fired several rounds, then fled.


us /rɑʊnd/

round adverb (MOVE AROUND)


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"round" in Business English

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roundadjective [ before noun ]

uk /raʊnd/ us

used to describe a number that is given to the nearest 1, 10, 100, etc. and not as an exact amount:

2.8 to the nearest a round number is 3.
In round figures, he earns $80,000.

roundnoun [ C ]

uk /raʊnd/ us

a group of events:

The EU will hold another round of talks next month.
around of meetings
The school building programme has been stopped in the latest round of cuts.

also route a set of regular visits that you make to a number of places or people, especially in order to take products as part of your job:

a milk/paper round

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