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routenoun [ C ]

uk /ruːt/ us /ruːt/ /raʊt/

routeverb [ T usually + adv/prep ]

uk /ruːt/ us /ruːt/ /raʊt/

to send something somewhere using a particular way or direction:

Deliveries are routed via/by way of London.

internet & telecoms to send information from one computer network to another:

When a customer buys, the purchase order is routed via the internet to each supplier's personal Web page.

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routenoun [ C ]

us /rut, rɑʊt/

a particular way or direction between places:

The most direct route is to take the expressway.

A route is also a fixed path for regularly moving or delivering people or things:

bus routes
a supply route

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"route" in Business English

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routenoun [ C ]

uk /ruːt/ us /ruːt, raʊt/

TRANSPORT a particular way from one place to another, especially the way that a bus, train, plane, etc. travels regularly:

a shipping route
a bus/train/plane route

a method of achieving something:

a route to (doing) sth An internship is one of the best routes to gaining experience in the industry.

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routeverb [ T ]

uk /ruːt/ us /ruːt, raʊt/

IT to send information from one computer system to another:

route sth from/to sth Find out how to use the application to route email from other folders in your mailbox.

to send someone or something a particular way:

route sth to/via sth Deliveries are routed via New York.

(Definition of “route” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)