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safetynoun [ U ]

uk /ˈseɪf.ti/ us /ˈseɪf.ti/

B2 a state in which or a place where you are safe and not in danger or at risk:

For your (comfort and) safety, we recommend you keep your seat belt loosely fastened during the flight.
Reporters may enter the danger zone but unfortunately we cannot guarantee/assure their safety.
The crew of the ship were winched to safety by a rescue helicopter.
As the gunman opened fire, they all ran/dived for safety behind the trees.
Police are concerned for the safety of (= think that something bad might have happened to) the five-year-old.
He was led to a place of safety (= somewhere he would not be in danger, especially of being found and harmed).

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safetynoun [ U ]

us /ˈseɪf·ti/

the condition of not being in danger or of not being dangerous:

Fire officials worry about the safety of those heaters.

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"safety" in Business English

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safetynoun [ U ]

uk /ˈseɪfti/ us

the state of being protected from danger or harm:

You have a right to be protected against anything that can affect your safety.

the condition of not being likely to cause damage or harm:

the safety of sth Many people are wondering about the safety of some food imports.
food/drug/product safety
fire safety
Apart from this one incident, the company has an excellent safety record.

used before a noun to describe equipment, rules, etc. that are designed to keep people from being harmed:

safety glasses
The company is now a world leader in car safety seats.
The iron's best safety feature is that it shuts off automatically.
The building is not compliant with the new safety standards.
The law requires a certificate showing that the latest safety tests have been carried out.
safety procedures.
air/workplace/mine, etc. safety

the fact of keeping people safe in a particular place:

Fletcher is an independent mine safety consultant in New Zealand.
We always make air safety our first priority.

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