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uk /seɪl/ us /seɪl/

sale noun (SELL)

B2 [ C or U ] an act of exchanging something for money:

The sale of cigarettes/alcohol is forbidden.
The building company gets commission on each house sale.
I haven't made a sale all morning.
They'll drop the price rather than lose the sale.
for sale

A2 available to buy:

Is this painting for sale?
Our neighbours put their house up for sale (= started to advertise that they want to sell it) last week.
sales [ U, + sing/pl verb ]

the department of a company that organizes and does the selling of the company's products or services:

He works in Sales.
the sales department/manager
sales [ plural ]

B2 the number of products sold:

Sales this year exceeded the total for the two previous years.
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[ C ] an occasion when things are sold in order to make money:

US a garage/yard sale

[ C ] an auction (= public sale):

a sale of antique furniture
a cattle sale
on sale B1

available to buy in a shop:

On sale at record stores now.
sale or return

a system by which goods are supplied to shopsand can be returned if they are not sold within a particular period of time:

We can supply goods on a sale or return basis.

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sale noun (CHEAP PRICE)

A2 [ C ] an occasion when goods are sold at a lower price than usual:

a mid-season/end-of-season sale
a clearance/closing-down sale
I bought this in the January sales.
on sale A2 mainly US UK usually in the sale

reduced in price:

Can you tell me if this dress is in the sale?

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us /seɪl/

sale noun (ACT OF SELLING)

[ C/U ] an act of exchanging something for money:

[ U ] You pay tax on the profits from the sale of buildings.
[ C ] The school raised money from book sales, bake sales, and individual contributors.
[ U ] When I bought this house, there were many, many homes for sale (= available to be bought).


[ C ] an occasion when goods are sold at a lower price than usual:

a clearance sale
Are these dresses on sale (= reduced in price)?

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salenoun [ C or U ]

uk /seɪl/ us

COMMERCE the act or process of selling something:

make a sale The salesman was eager to make a quick sale.
agree a sale
complete/close a sale When the time came to close the sale, another page had been added to the contract.
sale of sth The sale of tobacco items to minors is prohibited.

COMMERCE a period when a store is selling things at lower prices than usual:

have a sale
a mid-season sale
the January/July sales
in the sale(s) I got a new coat for $50 in the sales.

an occasion when a particular type of product is being sold:

The library has a book sale every year.
a sale of Oriental carpets

[ plural ] FINANCE, COMMERCE the number of products sold and the amount of money a company receives from selling its products and services:

The South African fruit company has annual sales of $750 million.
sales rise/increase/go up Last year sales rose by 14% to €8.4 million.
sales fall/decline/go down
decline/fall/reduction in sales Management is worried about the decline in sales.
The department achieved its monthly sales target.

[ U ] WORKPLACE the business of selling products or services, or the department in a company that is responsible for selling them:

sales call/brochure These techniques can increase the effectiveness of your sales calls.
work/be in sales My father worked in sales for forty years.
She used to be an administrator in the production department, but now she is in sales.
for sale

being sold by the person or organization that owns it, and available to buy:

The building has been for sale for thirteen months.
put sth up for sale We have decided to put the company up for sale.
on sale

available to buy:

Tickets are on sale now!
Everything goes on sale as soon as the doors open.

being sold for a lower price than usual:

All their men's clothing is on sale this week.
sale as seen UK

used to say that the person selling a product or possession does not promise that what they are selling is in good condition or suitable for a particular purpose:

The house is being sold sale as seen.
Secondhand fitted kitchen for sale as seen.

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