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Meaning of “scan” in the English Dictionary

"scan" in British English

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uk   /skæn/  us   /skæn/ (-nn-)
  • scan verb (LOOK)

C2 [T] to ​look at something ​carefully, with the ​eyes or with a ​machine, in ​order to get ​information: She ​anxiously scanned the ​faces of the men ​leaving the ​train. Doug scanned the ​horizon for any ​sign of the ​boat.
C1 [I + adv/prep, T] to ​look through a ​textquickly in ​order to ​find a ​piece of ​information that you ​want or to get a ​generalidea of what the ​textcontains: I scanned through the ​booklet but couldn't ​find the ​address. Scan the ​newspaperarticlequickly and make a ​note of the ​mainpoints.
  • scan verb (MAKE PICTURE)

C1 [I or T] to use a ​machine to put a ​picture of a ​document into a ​computer, or to take a ​picture of the inside of something: I'll just scan the ​article into the ​computer. Volunteers' ​brains were scanned while they ​looked at the ​pictures. All ​handluggage has to be scanned.


uk   /skæn/  us   /skæn/
[S] a ​careful or ​quicklook through something: I gave the ​book a ​quick scan, and ​decided not to ​buy it.
C2 [C] a ​medicalexamination in which an ​image of the inside of the ​body is made using a ​specialmachine: to do a ​brain scan to have an ​ultrasound scan
(Definition of scan from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"scan" in American English

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scanverb [I/T]

 us   /skæn/ (-nn-)
to ​examine something ​carefully: [I] This ​technique is used to scan for ​defectivegenes.
If an ​image or ​text on ​paper is scanned into a ​computer, it is ​changed into ​electronicinformation by a ​specialdevice: [T] A little hand-held ​device beeps as ​soon as it has scanned a ​barcode.
If you scan a ​text you ​read it ​quickly: [T] I scanned a few ​pages of the ​book and ​thought it ​lookedinteresting.

scannoun [C]

 us   /skæn/
the ​act of ​looking at or through something ​carefully or ​quickly: A ​quick scan of my ​calendarshows that I’m ​prettybusy this ​week. a ​security scan of ​passengers’ ​bags
A scan is an ​examination of the inside of something, such as ​part of the ​body or a ​package, using a computerized ​device to ​produce an ​image of what cannot be ​seen with the ​eyes: a ​medical scan of the ​head
(Definition of scan from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"scan" in Business English

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scanverb [T]

uk   us   /skæn/ (-nn-)
IT, COMMERCE to use a ​piece of ​electronicequipment to get ​information from something such as a ​bankcard or a product's barcode: The barcode is scanned to get the ​price of the ​product.
IT to use a ​machine to make a ​copy of a ​document or ​picture and put it into a ​computer: He scanned the ​document and ​emailed it to the ​headoffice.
to ​look through a ​text quickly in ​order to ​find a ​piece of ​information that you want or to get a ​generalidea of what it is about: I scanned the ​article looking for details, but didn't ​find anything.


uk   us   /skæn/
[C] IT a ​picture of a ​document that has been put into a ​computer: The ​machine received a good score for its color scans.
[S] a quick ​look through something, especially in ​order to ​check that it is good enough: Can you give this ​letter a quick scan?
(Definition of scan from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
Translations of “scan”
in Korean 정밀 검사를 하다, (스캐너로) 스캔하다, 살펴보다…
in Arabic يَفحَص بِالأشعّة, يَمسَح بِالماسِح الضَوئي, يَمسَح…
in Malaysian menjalankan penelitian, membaca sesuatu sepintas lalu, mengimbas…
in French scruter, parcourir, balayer…
in Russian сканировать, пробегать глазами, бегло осматривать…
in Chinese (Traditional) 看, (用肉眼或用機器)細看,審視, 粗略地看…
in Italian fare un’ecografia di, controllare tramite scanner/body-scanner, fare una scansione di…
in Turkish aletle taramak, resim ve yazıları bilgisayara aktarmak için taramak, iyice incelemek…
in Polish prześwietlać, skanować, rozglądać się po…
in Spanish examinar, escudriñar, otear…
in Vietnamese kiểm tra cẩn thận, đọc lướt, quét qua…
in Portuguese escanear, perscrutar, esquadrinhar…
in Thai ตรวจอย่างถี่ถ้วน, กวาดตามอง, ตรวจด้วยเรดาร์…
in German genau prüfen, überfliegen, abtasten…
in Catalan escanejar, recórrer amb la mirada, donar una ullada a…
in Japanese (レントゲンなどで)~をスキャンする, ~をスキャンしてコンピュータに取り込む, (大勢の人などを)ざっと見渡す…
in Chinese (Simplified) 看, (用肉眼或用机器)细看,审视, 粗略地看…
in Indonesian memeriksa, melihat sepintas, memeriksa dengan radar…
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“scan” in American English

“scan” in Business English

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