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Meaning of “schedule” in the English Dictionary

"schedule" in British English

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schedulenoun [C]

uk   /ˈʃed.juːl/  us   /ˈsked-/
B2 a ​list of ​plannedactivities or things to be done ​showing the ​times or ​dates when they are ​intended to ​happen or be done: a ​production schedule a ​hectic/​tight (= very ​busy) schedule Everything went according to schedule (= as had been ​planned).B1 US (UK timetable) a ​list of the ​times when ​events are ​planned to ​happen, for ​example the ​times when ​classeshappen or when ​buses, etc. ​leave and ​arrive: The ​class schedule is ​available on the ​website. a ​bus schedule a schedule oftalks at the ​convention formal an ​officiallist of things: a schedule ofbusinessexpensesahead of schedule B2 early: We ​expect the ​buildingwork to be ​completedahead of schedule.on schedule B2 not early or latefall behind schedule to do less ​work than you ​planned to do by a ​particularpoint in ​time
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scheduleverb [T often passive]

uk   /ˈʃed.juːl/  us   /ˈsked-/
B2 to ​arrange that an ​event or ​activity will ​happen at a ​particulartime: The meeting has been scheduled fortomorrowafternoon. [+ to infinitive] The ​flight is scheduled toarrive at 8.45, but it's ​running 20 ​minutes late.
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adjective uk   us   /-juːld/
B2 This ​program will be ​broadcasthalf an ​hourlater than the scheduled ​time.
(Definition of schedule from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"schedule" in American English

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schedulenoun [C/U]

 us   /ˈskedʒ·ul, -əl/  /ˈʃedʒ-/
a ​list of ​plannedactivities or things to be done at or during a ​particulartime: [C] Amid her ​hectic schedule, she ​foundtime to ​stop by. [C] The ​work schedule for this ​month is ​posted on the ​staffbulletinboard. [U] The ​construction was ​completedahead of/on/behind schedule (= early/on ​time/late). [U] Everything went ​according to schedule (= as ​planned). An ​airline/​bus/​train schedule (also (also timetable)) is a ​list of ​days and ​times that ​aircraft/​buses/​trainsleave and ​arrive at ​particularplaces.

scheduleverb [T]

 us   /ˈskedʒ·ul, -əl/  /ˈʃedʒ-/
to ​plan something for a ​particulartime: The ​meeting has been scheduled for ​tomorrowafternoon. The ​film is scheduled to ​beginproduction in ​August.
(Definition of schedule from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"schedule" in Business English

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uk   /ˈʃedjuːl/  us   /ˈskedʒuːl/
[C] a ​plan of ​activities or ​tasks together with the ​times or ​dates when they are intended to ​happen or be done: ahectic/​tight/​busy schedule The ​company will ​cut its first-quarter production schedule by 4%. It's important that we have a ​flexible work a schedule First and foremost you should ​plan a schedule for the ​project. keep to/​work to/have a schedule a schedule of ​activities/​events/​meetings
[C] US TRANSPORT a ​list of the ​times when buses, ​trains, and ​planesleave and arrive: a bus/​train schedule
[C] COMMUNICATIONS a ​list of ​television or radio ​programmes that are ​broadcast at particular ​times: television schedules We are looking at ways to ​improve the daytime schedule.
[C] a ​formallist: a schedule of ​prices/​rates
[C] LAW, INSURANCE an ​officiallist of things that are affected by a ​legal or ​insuranceagreement: The paintings were ​added to the insurance schedule.
ahead of schedule early: The ​meetingfinishedahead of schedule. If things continue to runahead of schedule, ​construction could be ​finished two months early.
on schedule at the ​righttime, not early or late: The ​group remains on schedule to ​open six new ​outlets in the second half.
fall behind schedule to do less ​work than you ​planned to do by a particular ​point in ​time: The ​projectstarted six months late and continued to ​fall behind schedule.
according to schedule at the ​time or in the way that was ​planned: If everything goes according to schedule, ​work will be complete in December.

scheduleverb [T]

uk   /ˈʃedjuːl/  us   /ˈskedʒuːl/
to ​arrange for an ​event or ​activity to ​happen at a particular ​time: The ​appealscourt may ​rule after receiving a ​governmentresponse or may schedule a ​ scheduled to do sth $227 million was scheduled to be ​paid to assorted hospitals and clinics.schedule sth for Monday/May/next year, etc. The ​meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. be scheduled for ​release/​completion/​publication
(Definition of schedule from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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