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uk /sɪˈkjʊə.rə.ti/ us /səˈkjʊr.ə.t̬i/

security noun (PROTECTION)

B1 [ U ] protection of a person, building, organization, or country against threats such as crime or attacks by foreign countries:

The station was closed for two hours because of a security alert.
30 demonstrators were killed in clashes with the security forces over the weekend.
The students were deported because they posed a threat to national security.
The banks must tighten security against fraud.
The most dangerous criminals are held in maximum-security prisons (= prisons that are as difficult as possible to escape from).

[ U, + sing/pl verb ] the group of people responsible for protecting a building:

You'll need to notify security if you want to work late in the office.

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security noun (FINANCE)

[ U ] property or goods that you promise to give to someone if you cannot pay what you owe them:

She used her shares in the company as security against a $23 million bank loan.
The hotel held onto our suitcases as security while we went to the bank to get money to pay the bill.
securities [ plural ] specialized

investment in a company or in government debt that can be traded on the financial markets and produces an income for the investor

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us /sɪˈkjʊər·ɪ·t̬i/

security noun (FREEDOM FROM RISK)

[ U ] freedom from risk and the threat of change for the worse :

financial/job security

security noun (FREE FROM DANGER)

[ U ] social studies freedom from danger; safety:

For security reasons, for the protection of the White House and the president, they felt it necessary to close the avenue.
A convicted spy, he sold information that may have damaged our national security.

[ U ] social studies Security is also the group of people responsible for keeping buildings or other areas safe:

If anyone gives you trouble, just call security.

security noun (INVESTMENT)

security noun (MONEY)

[ U ] money you pay someone that can be legally used by that person if your actions cause the person to lose money, but that will be returned to you if it is not used:

You have give the landlord an extra month’s rent as security when you sign the lease.

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uk /sɪˈkjʊərəti/ us

[ U ] the protection of people, organizations, countries, etc. against a possible attack or other crime:

border/homeland/national security
boost/improve/tighten security Airport security has been tightened since the terrorist threat.
lax/strict/tight security
He was head of security at the Federal Aviation Administration.
security system/check/measure Anyone entering the building has to undergo a series of security checks.
The airport was temporarily closed due to a security alert.
security cameras/lights/doors

[ U ] IT, BANKING, INTERNET the protection of information against being stolen or used wrongly or illegally:

data/information/IT security
security measures/checks/controls The bank has taken additional security measures to ensure accounts are protected.

[ U ] the fact or feeling that your job, money, etc. is safe and you will not lose it:

He left the relative security of a corporate job to set up on his own.
give/offer sb security His 15-year career in investment banking has given him the financial security to transfer his skills to the voluntary sector.
economic/financial security
They are concerned about the security of their investments.

[ C, usually plural ] plural securities FINANCE, STOCK MARKET a financial investment such as a bond or share that is traded on a financial market:

buy/hold/sell securities Investors who bought securities made up of subprime loans suffered the biggest losses.
deal in/invest in/issue securities
a securities agreement/audit/dealer
a securities business/company/house

[ U ] FINANCE property or goods that you promise to give someone if you cannot pay them what you owe them:

give/offer/pledge sth as security She signed papers pledging their home as security against the loan.

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