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uk /siːk/ us /siːk/ sought, sought formal

seek verb (SEARCH)

B2 [ T ] to try to find or get something, especially something that is not a physical object:

"Are you actively seeking jobs?" she asked.
Hundreds of dissidents are seeking refuge/asylum in the US embassy.

B2 [ T ] to ask for advice, help, approval, permission, etc.:

Legal advice should be sought before you take any further action.

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suffix uk / -siː.kɪŋ/ us / -siː.kɪŋ/

A lot of bad behaviour is attention-seeking on the part of mixed-up kids.

Phrasal verb(s)

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us /sik/ past tense and past participle sought /sɔt/

seek verb (SEARCH)

[ T ] to search for something or try to find or obtain something:

She is actively seeking work.
The government is seeking ways to reduce the cost of health care.

[ T ] If you seek advice/approval/help/permission, you ask for it:

They suggested she seek advice from the legal department.

seek verb (TRY)

[ + to infinitive ] to try or attempt:

They sought to reassure people that their homes would be safe from the flood.

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seekverb [ T ]

uk /siːk/ us sought, sought formal

to try to find or get something:

seek to do sth The investment objective of the fund is to seek to achieve long-term growth.
The unemployment rate among disabled people seeking work stands at 19%.

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Fundamentally, the draft directive does not in fact seek to establish substantive conditions for expulsion, but only deals with the mutual recognition of expulsion decisions already in force.
Big businesses are able to seek out for themselves a business location where taxes are at their lowest, which small and medium-sized enterprises cannot do.
I thank you for your suggestions and your proposals, which seek to take a longer-term and more coordinated approach to this phenomenon.
We must seek to provide research infrastructures such as science parks, industrial innovation, research and development projects and information and communication technologies.
We should no more seek to control what people watch than we would seek to control what books they might wish to buy in a bookshop.
We must seek to progress in the work of involving other countries, persuading them that we are indeed faced with the duty of transforming our society.
We must again seek that one voice, and that one voice is one of conflict prevention, one of contribution to international law and the multilateral approach.
We have tried to seek a compromise.
I hope that you will continue to seek to balance repressive measures against illegal immigration with a generous approach to refugees and an emphasis on human rights and fundamental freedoms.
We have an important role to play in the world and we should seek to play that role now of all times.

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