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seemverb [ I + adv/prep, L ]

uk /siːm/ us /siːm/

B1 to give the effect of being; to be judged to be:

He's 16, but he often seems (to be) younger.
The children seemed (as if/as though/like they were) tired.
I suspect his claims are not all they seem - he tends to exaggerate.
Things are seldom as/how/what they seem.
[ + to infinitive ] I seem to know more about him than anyone else.
They seem to be taking a long time to decide.
[ + (that) ] It seems (that) she can't come.
It seems to me (that) (= I think that) he isn't the right person for the job.
formal It would seem (that) no action need be taken.
There seems to have been a mistake - my name isn't on the list.
[ after so ] "There's no reply - they've all gone home." "So it seems."
"Was a decision made?" "It seems not/so."

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us /sim/

to appear to be:

[ L ] You seem very quiet today.
[ L ] He’s 16, but he seems younger.
[ L ] The news seemed too good to be true.
[ L ] She didn’t seem (to be) particularly happy.
[ I always + adv/prep ] They seemed like such a nice couple.
[ + to infinitive ] I can’t seem to stay awake.

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I think that this is primarily also an example of the short-term vision of many governments, who seem to be engaged in 'crisis hopping'.
Will these working methods remain the same, as the document would seem to assume, or will they have to be changed?
I am not the one who tabled the amendment, but it does seem to me that this is the point of it.
The solutions to this that have been put forward do not seem to be credible to me or seem to be no longer credible.
I would like to seem a more systems-based approach to environmental policy using "life-cycle" thinking where great importance is attached to the innovation and development of environmentally benign technologies.
In fact, the scope and pertinence of the rapporteur’s remarks highlight forms of discrimination that seem to belong to a different era.
The procedures presented in the report seem to represent a balanced and sensible response to the need to guarantee both the quality of audits and the independence of auditors.
However, various myths seem to abound.
Unfortunately, the new guidelines seem to be heading in the same direction and there are no signs that things will change once they have been implemented.
Indeed it does seem obvious.