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"select" in British English

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selectverb [ I or T ]

uk /sɪˈlekt/ us /səˈlekt/

B1 to choose a small number of things, or to choose by making careful decisions:

There was a choice of four prizes, and the winner could select one of them.
A mouse is a device which makes it easier to select different options from computer menus.
How do you select people for promotion?
[ + obj + to infinitive ] He was selected to play for Australia at the age of only 18.

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uk /sɪˈlekt/ us /səˈlekt/

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"select" in American English

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selectverb [ I/T ]

us /səˈlekt/

select verb [ I/T ] (CHOOSE)

to choose something, or to make a choice:

[ T ] They have the option of selecting the school that they want their kids to go to.
[ I ] You can select from among the offerings shown on this screen.

selectadjective [ not gradable ]

us /səˈlekt/

select adjective [ not gradable ] (BEST QUALITY)

the best of its type or highest in quality:

select fruit/school
a select group of people

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"select" in Business English

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uk /sɪˈlekt/ us

[ I or T ] to choose someone or something from a group of people or things after careful thought:

The role of marketing is to select the target markets.
select sth/sb as sth The bank has just been selected as the preferred bidder for Brussels International Airport.
select sth/sb for sth The application form will be used to select candidates for interview.
select (sth) from sth We were able to select from a large pool of applicants and to recruit people of a high standard.

[ T ] IT to choose something from a computer menu (= list), or to mark something that you have chosen on a computer screen:

Open Outlook on the first machine and select File Import and Export to launch the program.
Select the text you want to copy and press Control-C.


uk /sɪˈlekt/ us

of only the best type or highest quality, and usually small in amount:

Historically, stamp duty has been paid by fund managers and a select few private investors.
The products will be sold at a select group of specialist stores.

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