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uk /ʃeɪd/ us /ʃeɪd/

shade noun (SLIGHT DARKNESS)

B1 [ U ] slight darkness caused by something blocking the direct light from the sun:

The sun was hot, and there were no trees to offer us shade.
The children played in/under the shade of a large beach umbrella.
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C2 [ C ] a covering that is put over an electric light in order to make it less bright:

The lamps all had matching purple shades.

[ U ] specialized also shading art the parts of a picture or painting that the artist has made slightly darker than the other parts:

A good artist can produce a very realistic effect using only light and shade.
shades [ plural ] informal

→  sunglasses :

She was wearing a black leather jacket and shades.

[ C ] US UK blind a piece of material fixed onto a wooden or metal roller that can be pulled down to cover a window

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shade noun (DEGREE)

B2 [ C ] a type or degree of a colour:

Their kitchen is painted an unusual shade of yellow/an unusual yellow shade.
This hair colouring comes in several shades.
The room has been decorated in pastel shades (= soft and light colours) throughout.

[ C ] something that is slightly different from other, similar things:

They are hoping to satisfy all shades of public opinion.
There are several shades of meaning in that sentence.
a shade

C1 slightly:

Don't you think those trousers are a shade too tight?
The journey took us a shade over/under three hours.
Our new car cost us a shade more/less than we were expecting it to.
shades of sth/sb informal

said to mean that something or someone makes you remember something or someone similar:

In his speech he said - shades of Martin Luther King Jr. - that he had a dream.


uk /ʃeɪd/ us /ʃeɪd/

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us /ʃeɪd/

shade noun (DARKNESS)

[ C/U ] darkness and cooler temperatures caused by something blocking the direct light from the sun:

[ U ] The truck was parked in the shade.

[ C/U ] A shade is a covering that is put over a light to make it less bright:

[ C ] The lamps had matching shades.

[ C/U ] A shade is also a cover, usually attached at the top of a window, that can be pulled over a window to block the light or to keep people from looking in.

shade noun (DEGREE)

art [ C ] a degree of darkness of a color:

He painted the room a beautiful shade of red.

[ C ] A shade can also mean one type among several:

Simple yes-or-no questions can’t reveal all shades of opinion.



us /ʃeɪd/

shade verb (DARKEN)

[ T ] to make part of something slightly darker:

Students shade the ovals on multiple-choice tests.

shade verb (CHANGE BY DEGREES)

[ I/T ] to gradually change something, or to gradually change from one thing to another:

[ I ] The sky shaded from pink into red.

shade verb (BLOCK LIGHT)

[ T ] to prevent direct light from shining on something:

She shaded her eyes with her hand.
The backyard is shaded by tall oaks.

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