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uk /ʃaɪn/ us /ʃaɪn/ shone or shined

shine verb (LIGHT)

B1 [ I ] to send out or reflect light:

Is that light shining in your eyes?
The sun shone all afternoon.
He polished the brass till it shone.
shine with sth

C1 If a person's eyes or face shine with a quality, you can see that quality in them very strongly:

Her eyes shone with delight.

[ T ] to point a light in a particular direction:

The policeman walked along the street, shining a torch into every car.

[ T ] to make something bright by rubbing it:

Guy ironed his shirt and shined his shoes for the interview.

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adjective uk /ˈʃaɪ.nɪŋ/ us /ˈʃaɪ.nɪŋ/

a shining silver cup
She looked at him with shining (= bright and happy) eyes.
These pictures are shining (= excellent) examples of great photography.

Phrasal verb(s)

shinenoun [ S or U ]

uk /ʃaɪn/ us /ʃaɪn/

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us /ʃɑɪn/

shine verb (SEND OUT LIGHT)

[ I/T ] past tense and past participle shone /ʃoʊn/ shined to send out or reflect light:

[ T ] Cops shone their flashlights into the car window.
[ I ] The area shines like Times Square.
[ I ] fig. Her dark eyes shone with happiness (= she looked very happy).

shine verb (MAKE BRIGHT)

[ T ] to make something smooth and bright by rubbing:

He used all my polish to shine his shoes!

shine verb (SHOW ABILITY)

[ I ] to show great ability in an activity:

Shaw is an underrated actor who truly shines in this movie.

shinenoun [ C usually sing ]

us /ʃɑɪn/

shine noun [ C usually sing ] (BRIGHTNESS)

the quality of being bright from reflected light on the surface:

The stone was polished to a glossy shine.

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