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uk /ʃɒt/ us /ʃɑːt/


uk /ʃɒt/ us /ʃɑːt/

shot noun (SPORT)

B2 [ C ] a kick, hit, or throw of the ball that is intended to score points in a sport such as cricket, football, tennis, or golf:

And that was a great shot by Márquez!
Murray drove a forehand shot down the line to win the match.

More examples

  • He scored with a cracking shot into the back of the goal.
  • The crowd cheered as the goalkeeper deflected the shot.
  • His angled shot beat the goalkeeper from 20 yards.
  • He feinted a shot to the left.
  • Vilas misdirected the shot, and the ball went over the net.

shot noun (WEAPON)

B2 [ C ] the action of firing a gun or another weapon:

He fired four shots at the car as it drove off.
a good/poor shot

someone who is skilled/not skilled at aiming and firing a gun

More examples

  • He fired six shots at the target.
  • They fired off several shots to frighten us.
  • Do you mind if I have a few practice shots before we start the game?
  • I had four shots but I didn't even hit the target.
  • The police fired warning shots but the protesters took no notice.

shot noun (ATTEMPT)

[ C usually singular ] informal an attempt to do or achieve something that you have not done before:

I thought I'd have a shot at making my own wine.
I've never tried bowling before, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

More examples

  • He decided to have a shot at building his own house.
  • You can't open the lock? Let me have a shot at it.


B2 [ C ] a photograph:

I got/took some really good shots of the harbour at sunset.

[ C ] a short piece in a film in which there is a single action or a short series of actions

More examples

  • The movie opens with a dreamy shot of a sunset.
  • The movie opens with a shot of a climber dangling from a precipice.
  • The movie ends with a long tracking shot around the deserted house.
  • I got a wonderful shot of the kids on the boat.
  • I've taken some of my best shots with this camera.


uk /ʃɒt/ us /ʃɑːt/

(Definition of “shot” from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"shot" in American English

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us /ʃɑt/

shot (SHOOT)

past simple and past participle of shoot


us /ʃɑt/

shot noun (WEAPON)

[ C ] the action of firing a gun or another weapon:

Several shots were fired.

shot noun (SPORTS)

[ C ] an attempt to score a point by throwing, hitting, or kicking a ball or other object:

Roberts sank two foul shots to win the game.

shot noun (FILM)

[ C ] a photograph, or a short piece in a movie in which there is a single action or a short series of actions:

I got some really good shots of the harbor at sunset.

shot noun (DRUG)

[ C ] an amount of a drug that is put into the body by a single injection:

The doctor gave him a shot of cortisone.

shot noun (METAL BALL)

shot noun (ATTEMPT)

[ U ] infml an attempt to do or achieve something that is difficult, when success is uncertain:

I’m not sure they’ll consider me for the job, but I’ll give it a shot.

shot noun (AMOUNT OF DRINK)

[ C ] a small amount of an alcoholic drink:

a shot of whiskey

shotadjective [ not gradable ]

us /ʃɑt/ infml

shot adjective [ not gradable ] (DESTROYED)

no longer working or effective:

The brakes are shot – you’d better take the car in to the garage.

(Definition of “shot” from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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