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"shut" in British English

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shutverb [ I or T ]

uk /ʃʌt/ us /ʃʌt/ present participle shutting, past tense and past participle shut

shut verb [ I or T ] (CLOSE)

A2 to (cause to) close something:

Please shut the gate.
I've got a surprise for you! Shut your eyes tightly and hold out your hand.
Mary shut her book and put it down on the table.
This window won't shut - it's jammed.

More examples

  • Could you shut the door, please?
  • This door won't shut properly.
  • I'd better check that I've shut the windows before I leave.
  • I can't get this drawer to shut.
  • I shut my eyes for the violent scenes.

shut verb [ I or T ] (STOP OPERATING)

A2 to (cause to) stop operating or being in service, either temporarily or permanently:

The shops shut at eight o'clock on Wednesday evenings.
It's such a shame they shut that factory (down).

More examples

  • The shop is shutting in five minutes.
  • All the shops have shut down.
  • The bars all shut at midnight.
  • What time does the restaurant shut?
  • He lost his job when they shut the factory down.

shutadjective [ after verb ]

uk /ʃʌt/ us /ʃʌt/

B1 closed:

I suspected something was wrong when I noticed her curtains were still shut at lunchtime.
figurative The government ought to have opened the door to Japanese investment instead of slamming it shut.
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More examples

  • The door clicked shut behind her.
  • Half the time you go around with your eyes shut.
  • Her bedroom door was shut so I assumed she was in bed.
  • The window slammed shut with a loud bang.
  • The lid of the box sprang shut.

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"shut" in American English

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shutverb [ I/T ]

us /ʃʌt/ present participle shutting, past tense and past participle shut

to close something:

[ T ] Would you shut the door, please?
[ I ] I can’t get this window shut.
[ T ] I shut the book (= closed it) and put it back on the shelf.

shutadjective [ not gradable ]

us /ʃʌt/

not open; closed:

Her office door was shut all day.
Her eyes were shut, but she was still awake.

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"shut" in Business English

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shutverb [ I or T ]

uk /ʃʌt/ us shutting, shut, shut

UK COMMERCE, WORKPLACE if a store, restaurant, or public place shuts or someone shuts it, it stops being open for business at the end of the day, week, etc.:

The shops shut at 7 on Friday.

COMMERCE if a business shuts or is shut, it stops operating permanently:

When tougher controls force these dumps to shut, their operators will vanish.
The older plant will be shut down soon.
shut up shop UK informal

to stop operating a business either temporarily or permanently:

Last weekend the greengrocer shut up shop and others are likely to follow.
In contrast to other national institutions that are shutting up shop for Christmas, nobody knows when - if ever - it will re-open.

shutadjective [ not before noun ]

uk /ʃʌt/ us UK

not open for business:

Tourists arrived to find the shops and restaurants shut.

(Definition of “shut” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)