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Meaning of “slip” in the English Dictionary

"slip" in British English

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uk   us   /slɪp/ (-pp-)

slip verb (SLIDE)

B1 [I] to ​slide without ​intending to: She slipped on the ​ice. Careful you don't slip - there's ​water on the ​floor. The ​razor slipped while he was ​shaving and he ​cut himself.C2 [I] to ​move out of the ​correctposition: Her ​hat had slipped over one ​eye. He could ​feel the ​rope slipping out of his ​grasp.
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slip verb (DO QUICKLY)

C2 [I or T, usually + adv/prep] to go ​somewhere or put something ​somewherequickly, often so that you are not ​noticed: Just slip out of the ​room while nobody's ​looking. She slipped between the ​coolcottonsheets and was ​soonasleep. He slipped a ​piece of ​paper into my ​hand with his ​address on it. [+ two objects] If you slip the ​waiter some ​money/slip some ​money to the ​waiter he'll give you the ​besttable.
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slip verb (GET WORSE)

[I] to go into a ​worsestate, often because of ​lack of ​control or ​care: Productivity in the ​factory has slipped ​noticeably in the last ​year. The ​schedule has ​started to slip (= things are ​happeninglater than ​planned). I don't ​know what went ​wrong, I must be slipping.

slip verb (ESCAPE)

[T] to get ​free from, ​leave, or ​escape something: The ​ship slipped ​itsmoorings.

slip verb (VALUE)

[I] to go down in ​value: The ​dollar slipped against the ​Japaneseyen.


uk   us   /slɪp/

slip noun (PIECE OF PAPER)

[C] a ​smallpiece of ​paper: a slip of ​paper If you ​want to ​order a ​bookfill out the ​green slip.

slip noun (MISTAKE)

[C] a ​smallmistake: She's made one or two slips - ​mainlyspellingerrors - but it's ​basically well written.

slip noun (FALL)

[C] an ​act of ​falling or ​sliding: One slip ​meant a ​longtumble to the ​rocks below.

slip noun (GETTING WORSE)

[C] an ​occasion when something ​becomesworse: A slip in the ​value of the U.S. ​dollarhelpedpushpriceshigher. a slip in ​standards

slip noun (UNDERWEAR)

[C] a ​piece of ​underwear for a woman or ​girl that is like a ​dress or ​skirt

slip noun (FOR BOAT)

[C] a ​place where a ​boat or ​ship can be ​parked, between two piers

slip noun (SMALL)

slip of a sth old-fashioned small and ​thin, usually because of being ​young: I ​knew her when she was a slip of a girl.

slip noun (ESCAPE)

give sb the slip informal to ​escape from someone who is ​following or ​chasing you
(Definition of slip from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"slip" in American English

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 us   /slɪp/ (-pp-)

slip verb (SLIDE)

[I] to ​slidesuddenly and without ​intending to: He slipped on an ​icysidewalk and ​broke his ​hip. The ​blanketbegan to slip off my ​shoulders.

slip verb (MOVE EASILY)

[I/T] to move ​easily and ​quietly so you are not ​noticed, or to move something ​easily into ​position: [I always + adv/prep] He was ​able to slip out of the ​room without ​disturbing anyone. [T always + adv/prep] Ben slipped the ​creditcard into the ​machine. [I always + adv/prep] fig. While I napped in my ​chair, the ​hours slipped by. [I/T] If you slip something to someone, you give it to that ​person without ​attractingattention: [T always + adv/prep] I slipped some ​money to the maitre d’ to get a ​table. [T always + adv/prep] She slipped her ​hand into his.

slip verb (GET WORSE)

[I] to ​change to a ​worsestate or ​condition: We’ve slipped ​evenfurther behind ​schedule. After slipping into a ​coma, he never ​woke up.

slip verb (ESCAPE)

[I/T] to get away from or get ​free from something: [T] The ​dog slipped ​itsleash and ​ran off. [I always + adv/prep] The ​ball slipped through my ​fingers.

slipnoun [C]

 us   /slɪp/

slip noun [C] (PIECE OF PAPER)

a ​smallpiece of ​paper: You get a slip from the ​cashmachine when you take out ​money.

slip noun [C] (MISTAKE)

a ​mistake that someone makes when not being ​careful: She has made some slips ​lately that show she’s ​thinking about other things.

slip noun [C] (UNDERWEAR)

women’s ​underwear that is ​shaped like a ​skirt or a ​dress
(Definition of slip from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"slip" in Business English

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uk   us   /slɪp/ (-pp-)
[I] to become worse, ​lower, or less in ​value: He ​sold his ​shares, just before ​sales began to slip.slip against sth The ​dollar slipped against the Japanese ​yen.slip (from sth) to sth February ​crudeoil slipped 1¢ to $18.96 a ​barrel. The ​proportion of ​sharesheld by UK ​individuals slipped from 14% to 13% last ​year.

slipnoun [C]

uk   us   /slɪp/
a ​reduction in the ​level or ​amount of something: a slip in something The ​retailgroupreported a 5% slip in ​sales. recent slips in the ​value of the ​stockmarket
a ​smallpiece of ​paper, especially with writing on it: When I gave him his creditcard slip, he ​added a $20 ​tip. She scribbled a ​number on a slip of ​paper and handed it to me.reply/packing slip Packing slips show the retailer's ​name and ​address. credit/​debit/​withdrawal slip
a mistake: Management made acostly slip by ignoring such obvious ​warningsigns.
slip of the tongue a ​small mistake made while speaking: Wall street is nervous, and any slip of the tongue can ​sendmarketsslidingdownhill.
(Definition of slip from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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“slip” in Business English

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