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"slot" in English

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slotnoun [ C ]

uk /slɒt/ us /slɑːt/

slotverb [ I or T, + adv/prep ]

uk /slɒt/ us /slɑːt/ -tt-

Phrasal verb(s)

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"slot" in American English

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slotnoun [ C ]

us /slɑt/

slot noun [ C ] (HOLE)

a narrow hole or opening:

Drop the letter in the mail slot.

slot noun [ C ] (POSITION)

a place or position available to someone or something:

Perry will fill one of the open slots on the commission.
Shaap’s program can be heard in the same time slot every morning.

slotverb [ T ]

us /slɑt/ -tt-

slot verb [ T ] (PUT IN POSITION)

to put someone or something in a particular position:

Weather reports are slotted between commercials.

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"slot" in Business English

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slotnoun [ C ]

uk /slɒt/ us

also time slot an amount of time that is allowed for a single event in a planned order of activities or events:

I think I have a slot open in my diary.
1-hour/90 minute/4-hour, etc. slot What can we test in the 90-minute time slot?
the 9pm/Saturday night/morning, etc. slot The show competes with 'Bob the Builder' in the morning slot.
delivery/viewing/landing slot Airlines are competing for landing slots at Gatwick airport.

a job in a company or organization:

Five of the fifteen slots on the charity's board are open this year.
Johnson moved to the top slot last month.
a training/teaching/management slot
the CEO/Vice President/Director slot She left the CEO slot in 2009.

a position in a list of ranks:

Within a few years we expect to compete with the big Wall Street firms for the top slot in the industry.
the number 1/2/3, etc. slot They fought their way to the number 1 slot in the nation.
a top 10/50/100 slot

IT a small, narrow opening for something to be put in:

the memory card slot in your computer
in/into a slot You can insert a smart card into a slot on the keyboard to verify digital signatures.

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