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"snoop" in British English

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snoopverb [ I usually + adv/prep ]

uk /snuːp/ us /snuːp/ informal disapproving

to look around a place secretly, in order to discover things or find out information about someone or something:

People were sent out to snoop on rival businesses.
She's the sort of person you can imagine snooping about your room when you're not there.

to try to find out about other people's private lives:

I don't mean to snoop, but is there something wrong?
Clara's husband is snooping on her because he thinks she is seeing another man.


uk /snuːp/ us /snuːp/

[ S ] UK informal the act of snooping:

I think someone's been having a snoop around my office - I didn't leave that drawer open.

[ C ] informal disapproving also snooper, someone who snoops:

He's such a snoop - he's always going through my mail.
Most journalists are snoopers by nature.

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"snoop" in American English

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snoopverb [ I ]

us /snup/ infml

to look around a place secretly in order to discover things about it or the people connected with it:

You have no business snooping around my office.
noun [ C ] us /snup/

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