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uk /ˈsɒl.ɪd/ us /ˈsɑː.lɪd/

solid adjective (HARD)

B2 hard or firm, keeping a clear shape:

solid ground
a solid object
a solid structure

B2 completely hard or firm all through an object, or without any spaces or holes:

solid rock
a solid oak table
solid doors/walls
a solid line of traffic
The lecture hall was packed solid (with students).

C1 A solid metal or colour is pure and does not have anything else mixed together with it:

a white rose on a solid blue background

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solid adjective (NOT LIQUID/GAS)

C1 not liquid or gas:

Liquid and solid waste is collected in the tank.
Freeze the mixture for about three hours or so until solid.

Solid food is not in liquid form, especially when given to babies or people who are ill:

That rice pudding was the first solid food he's eaten since his operation.

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solid adjective (CERTAIN)

C2 certain or safe; of a good standard; giving confidence or support:

This provided solid evidence that he committed the crime.
The drama course gives students a solid grounding in the basic techniques of acting.

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uk /ˈsɒl.ɪd/ us /ˈsɑː.lɪd/

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us /ˈsɑl·ɪd/

solid adjective (FIRM/NOT LIQUID)

having a fixed shape that cannot be changed easily:

After flying all night, he was glad to be on solid ground.

chemistry A substance that is solid is not a liquid or a gas.

solid adjective (DENSE)

completely packed with material; not hollow:

solid rock
a solid oak table

A solid metal or color is pure and does not have anything else mixed together with it:

solid gold
a solid blue background

solid adjective (STRONG)

(of objects) made in a way that is strong, or (of a person) strong:

It’s a solid house.
David has a solid, muscular body.

solid adjective (CERTAIN)

being of a good quality that can be trusted; certain or safe:

All the performers showed solid musicianship and technique.
Relations between them are based on a solid foundation of friendship and trust.

solid noun [ C ] (SHAPE)

geometry /ˈsɑl·ɪd/ an object with three dimensions (= height, width, and length):

A cube is a solid.

solid noun [ C ] (FOOD)

us /ˈsɑl·əd/ a food that is not liquid:

After the operation, Mrs. Groncki couldn’t eat solids.

solidadverb [ not gradable ]

us /ˈsɑl·əd/

solid adverb [ not gradable ] (DENSE)

with no openings; full:

He has 54 tin boxes, packed solid with baseball cards.

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uk /ˈsɒlɪd/ us

of a good standard:

The bank has reported solid earnings for the year.

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