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uk /səˈfɪs.tɪ.keɪ.tɪd/ us /səˈfɪs.tə.keɪ.t̬ɪd/

B2 having a good understanding of the way people behave and/or a good knowledge of culture and fashion:

She was slim, svelte, and sophisticated.
I don't think I have any books that would suit your sophisticated tastes.
He was older than me and from London and I thought him very sophisticated.

B2 intelligent or made in a complicated way and therefore able to do complicated tasks:

I think a more sophisticated approach is needed to solve this problem.
These are among the most sophisticated weapons in the world.

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us /səˈfɪs·tɪˌkeɪ·t̬ɪd/

having an understanding of the world and its ways, so that you are not easily fooled, and having an understanding of people and ideas without making them seem simple:

Sophisticated readers understood the book’s hidden meaning.

If a way of thinking, a system, or a machine is sophisticated, it is complicated or made with great skill:

sophisticated computer systems

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The financial services sector has become very sophisticated at risk management and so the regulatory framework has to respond to the times.
We know that, in creating this quality of asylum decision-making, we need open systems with information that can be genuinely assessed: sophisticated information, information which can be cross-referenced.
They have had to re-qualify and manage new, more sophisticated procedures very rapidly, which has had a negative impact mainly on middle-aged and older employees.
However, the directive is ten years old and, now that the markets have developed and more and more sophisticated financial products are available, it is somewhat outdated.
The football intelligence unit has a sophisticated database of so-called 'football prominents', using the latest digital image technology to update and record cases.
There is evermore sophisticated equipment available for such activity, which means that counterfeiting is nowadays much less complex than it used to be.
The existence of libraries is a mark of a civilized society: an educated and sophisticated society has good and easily accessible libraries.
Such is the case for 'dys' sufferers, for increasingly sophisticated studies have shown that while this type of disability is still very widespread it is still not being properly identified.
They will involve improving the efficiency of relatively complicated, sophisticated systems securing the regulation and exchange of energy between different media in the building itself.
Tariff barriers preventing free export have to be lowered and sophisticated techniques to prevent exports from third countries are absolutely forbidden.

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