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uk /spiːd/ us /spiːd/

speed noun (RATE OF MOVEMENT)

B1 [ C or U ] how fast something moves:

He was travelling at a speed of 90 mph.
The car has a top speed of 155 miles per hour.
You should lower/reduce your speed as you approach a junction.
On a clear, straight road you can gather/pick up speed.
He came off the road while driving his car round a bend at high/breakneck speed (= very fast).
There are speed restrictions (= controls on how fast traffic is allowed to move) on this part of the road.
an electric drill with two speeds (= rates at which it turns)

B2 [ U ] very fast movement:

I get a real thrill from speed.
He put on a sudden burst of speed.
Both cars were travelling at speed (= very fast) when the accident happened.

[ U ] how fast something happens:

We were surprised at the speed of the response to our enquiry.
It was the speed at which it all happened that shocked me.
She got through her work with speed (= quickly) and efficiency.
the speed of light/sound

the rate at which light or sound travels:

The speed of light is 300 million metres per second.
These planes travel at twice the speed of sound.

[ C ] a gear noun :

a bicycle with ten speeds
a ten-speed bicycle

[ C ] the rate at which a photographic film absorbs or reacts to light:

What speed film do I need for taking photographs indoors?
shutter speed

the length of time for which part of a camera is open to allow light to reach the film when a photograph is being taken:

a high/low shutter speed

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speedverb [ I or T, usually + adv/prep ]

uk /spiːd/ us /spiːd/ sped or speeded, sped or speeded

to (cause to) move, go, or happen fast:

The train sped along at over 120 miles per hour.
The actress then sped away/off in a waiting car.
We sped down the ski slopes.
This year is speeding by/past.
Ambulances sped the injured people (= moved them quickly) away from the scene.
The best thing you can do to speed your recovery (= make it quicker) is to rest.
be speeding

to be driving faster than you are legally allowed to do:

He was caught speeding.

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speednoun [ C/U ]

us /spid/

(a) rate at which something moves or happens:

[ C ] a speed of 25 miles per hour
[ U ] Both cars were traveling at high speed.
[ U ] They came racing down the hill at top speed (= as fast as they could go).
[ U ] The processing speed of my new computer is much faster.
[ C ] This electric drill has two speeds (= rates at which it turns).

physics Speed is also the rate at which something travels, expressed as the number of meters in a second.

A speed is also a gear (= part that controls the rate at which a vehicle moves):

[ C ] I have a ten-speed bicycle.
adverb us /ˈspi·dəl·i/

The error can be speedily corrected.

speedverb [ I/T ]

us /spid/ past tense and past participle sped /sped/ speeded

to move, go, or happen fast, or to cause something to happen fast:

[ I ] The train sped along at over 120 miles per hour.
[ I ] This year seems to be speeding by/past.
[ T ] Ambulances sped the injured people (= moved them quickly) away from the scene.

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uk /spiːd/ us

[ C or U ] IT, INTERNET the rate at which a computer or an internet connection operates and provides information:

Increase the speed of your computer with our new software.
How do I verify my computer's CPU speed?
First you need to find out what your internet connection speed is.
up to speed

if you are up to speed with a subject or activity, you have all the latest information necessary to understand or do something well:

A few days training on the new computer system will get you up to speed.
Before we start the meeting I'm going to bring you up to speed with the latest developments.

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