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spotnoun [ C ]

uk /spɒt/ us /spɑːt/

spot noun [ C ] (CIRCLE)

B1 a small, usually round area of colour that is differently coloured or lighter or darker than the surface around it:

He had a spot of grease on his tie.

B1 one of many spots, that form a pattern:

I wore that skirt with the green spots.

B2 UK a raised, pale red circle on the skin that is temporary:

Teenagers often suffer a lot from spots.

mainly UK a small amount:

I felt a few spots of rain.
Let's stop for a spot of lunch.
I'm having a spot of bother (= some trouble) with one of my back teeth.

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spot noun [ C ] (PLACE)

B2 a particular place:

This looks like a nice spot for a picnic.
on the spot

at the place where an event is happening or has recently happened:

The police were called and they were on the spot within three minutes.

C2 immediately:

You can be sacked on the spot for stealing.

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uk /spɒt/ us /spɑːt/ -tt-

spot verb (SEE)

B2 [ T ] to see or notice someone or something, usually because you are looking hard:

I've just spotted Mark - he's over there, near the entrance.
If you spot any mistakes in the article just mark them with a pencil.
[ + -ing verb ] The police spotted him driving a stolen car.
[ + question word ] I soon spotted what was wrong with the printer.
[ + that ] The policewoman spotted that I hadn't got my seat belt on and signalled me to stop.
well spotted UK

used to praise someone who has noticed something:

"I've just seen your glasses - they're under the table." "Ah, well spotted!"

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spotnoun [ C ]

us /spɑt/

spot noun [ C ] (MARK)

a mark, usually round, that is different esp. in color from the area around it:

You got a spot on your new blouse.

esp. CdnBr A spot is a pimple.

spot noun [ C ] (PLACE)

a particular place:

a vacation spot
Our cat has a favorite spot where he loves to sleep.

A spot is also a job in a particular organization or a position within a group, esp. in sports:

When Sain was injured, they asked me to fill his spot.

spot noun [ C ] (BROADCAST)

a period of time during which a broadcast takes place:

NBC put the show on in the 7 p.m. spot.

A spot is also an advertisement:

a 30-second spot


spotverb [ T ]

us /spɑt/ -tt-

spot verb [ T ] (SEE)

to see or notice someone or something:

Darryl spotted a woodpecker high on the tree.

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"spot" in Business English

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spotnoun [ C ]

uk /spɒt/ us

MARKETING a television or radio advertisement:

a radio/television spot We are planning a series of radio spots during the afternoon commute.

MARKETING a period of time during which a radio or television advertisement is broadcast:

The firm bought a 30-second spot during prime time every evening.

spotadjective [ before noun ]

uk /spɒt/ us

FINANCE, STOCK MARKET to be delivered immediately, rather than in the future:

Spot trades are executed immediately at the prevailing exchange rate.

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