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uk /ˈsteɪ.təs/ us /ˈsteɪ.t̬əs/

status noun (RESPECT)

the amount of respect, admiration, or importance given to a person, organization, or object:

high/low status
As the daughter of the president, she enjoys high status among her peers.
The leaders were often more concerned with status and privilege than with the problems of the people.

status noun (SOCIAL MEDIA)

[ C ] on a social media website, especially Facebook™, a piece of information that you publish about yourself telling people what you are doing, thinking, etc. at a particular time

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"status" in American English

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statusnoun [ U ]

us /ˈsteɪ·t̬əs, ˈstæt̬·əs/

status noun [ U ] (POSITION)

position or rank, esp. in a social group or legal system:

The association works to promote the status of retired people as active and useful members of the community.

Status can also mean state or condition at a particular time:

The type of treatment used will depend on the patient’s health status.

status noun [ U ] (RESPECT)

the position of respect and importance given to someone or something:

The leaders often seemed to be more concerned with status and privilege than with the problems of the people.

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"status" in Business English

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uk /ˈsteɪtəs/ us

[ S or U ] the official or legal position of a person or organization:

Employers are required to check the legal status of their new hires to ensure that they are eligible to work.
The group was granted charitable status.
change the status of sb/sth He needs to get a permit to change the land's status from agriculture to industrial.
The qualification will raise her status to staff nurse.

[ S or U ] the situation at the present time:

Everybody is concerned right now with the financial status of the whole country.
Your order status has changed to "Dispatched".

[ S or U ] the level or position of someone or something in relation to others in a group:

high/low status We have a much higher number of women workers in low-paid, low-status jobs.
They want to improve the status of women.
sb/sth's status as sth London's status as Europe's leading aviation hub
Developers are cashing in on the area's newly hip status.

[ U ] a high position within a social group:

There is prestige and social status attached to ownership of certain brands.
Suits were a sign of status.

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