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staunchadjective [ -er/-est only ]

us /stɔntʃ, stɑntʃ/

staunch adjective [ -er/-est only ] (LOYAL)

strongly loyal to a person, organization, or set of beliefs or opinions:

a staunch defender of free speech
adverb us /ˈstɔntʃ·li, ˈstɑntʃ-/

She staunchly supports the party’s candidates.

staunchverb [ T ]

us /stɔntʃ, stɑntʃ/ also stanch

staunch verb [ T ] (STOP)

to stop liquid, esp. blood, from flowing out:

Mike pressed hard on the wound and staunched the flow of blood.

To staunch is also to keep something from continuing:

The company abandoned the plan to staunch the departure of more managers.

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"staunch" in Business English

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uk /stɔːnʃ/ us

always loyal in supporting a person, organization, or set of beliefs:

She has remained a staunch friend and ally.
staunch supporter/defender He is a staunch supporter of free trade.

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