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"stink" in British English

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stinkverb [ I ]

uk /stɪŋk/ us /stɪŋk/ stank or US and Australian English also stunk, stunk informal

stink verb [ I ] (SMELL)

to smell very unpleasant:

Your feet stink!
The morning after the party, the whole house stank of beer and cigarettes.
He hadn't showered for over a week and stank to high heaven (= a lot).
The woman next to me sprayed on some perfume and stank out the whole place (= filled it with an unpleasant smell).

stinknoun [ C usually singular ]

uk /stɪŋk/ us /stɪŋk/ informal

a strong unpleasant smell:

The stink of rotting seaweed was strong along the seashore.

(Definition of “stink” from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"stink" in American English

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stinkverb [ I ]

us /stɪŋk/ past tense stank /stæŋk/ stunk /stʌŋk/ , past participle stunk /stʌŋk/ infml

stink verb [ I ] (SMELL)

to smell very unpleasant:

[ I ] Your feet stink.

stink verb [ I ] (BE BAD)

to be extremely bad or unpleasant:

The music scene here stinks.

Phrasal verb(s)


us /stɪŋk/

stink noun (BAD REACTION)

[ U ] infml a negative reaction from a group of people or from the public:

City employees are raising a stink over the plan.

stink noun (BAD SMELL)

[ C ] a very unpleasant smell:

I can’t stand the stink of rotten meat.

(Definition of “stink” from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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