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uk /stɒk/ us /stɑːk/

stock noun (SUPPLY)

C1 [ C or U ] a supply of something for use or sale:

It is now halfway through winter and food stocks are already low.
The local shop has a good stock of postcards and guidebooks.
Much of the city's housing stock (= the number of houses in the city) is over 100 years old.

B2 [ U ] the total amount of goods or the amount of a particular type of goods available in a shop:

This shop sells its old stock at very low prices.
We'll be getting our new stock in on Friday.
The new edition is in/out of stock (= available/not available) in major bookshops.

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stock noun (MONEY)

[ U ] the amount of money that a company has through selling shares to people:

They own 20 percent of the company's stock.

[ C or U ] part of the ownership of a company that can be bought by members of the public:

She buys and sells stocks and shares.

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stock noun (ORIGIN)

[ U ] formal the family or group that a person or animal comes from:

He's an American of Irish stock.
She's of peasant/noble stock.
Some of the animals will be kept as breeding stock.

stockverb [ T ]

uk /stɒk/ us /stɑːk/

C1 If a shop or factory stocks something, it keeps a supply of it:

Most supermarkets stock a wide range of wines.

to fill something such as a cupboard or shelves with food or goods:

He has a part-time job stocking shelves in the local supermarket.
I always stock up the fridge before my sister comes to stay.

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uk /stɒk/ us /stɑːk/

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us /stɑk/

stock noun (SUPPLY)

[ C/U ] a supply of something for use or sale:

[ C ] New regulations should preserve stocks of haddock and other fish.
[ U ] The company won’t let you return unsold stock.

[ C/U ] Stock is also the total amount of goods or the amount of a particular type of goods available in a store:

[ U ] New Video has 4000 titles in stock.
[ U ] That CD is out of stock.

stock noun (INVESTMENT)

social studies [ C/U ] a part of the ownership of a company that people buy as an investment:

[ C ] There is more risk with stocks than with bonds.
[ U ] Stock prices fell this week.

stock noun (FLAVORED LIQUID)

[ U ] a liquid made by boiling vegetables or the bones from meat or fish in water which is used to add flavor to soups and other food:

stock noun (ORIGIN)

[ U ] the family, country, or group from which a person comes:

He’s an American of Irish stock.

stock noun (GUN PART)

[ C ] the part of a rifle (= long gun) that rests against the shoulder

stockverb [ T ]

us /stɑk/

to keep a supply of something for use or sale:

They stock all sorts of gifts for travelers.

stockadjective [ not gradable ]

us /stɑk/

stock adjective [ not gradable ] (USUAL)

(of an idea, expression, or action) usual or typical:

a stock phrase/response

stockplural noun

us /stɑk/

stock plural noun (ANIMALS)

short form oflivestock (= animals, such as cows or sheep, kept on a farm)

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"stock" in Business English

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uk /stɒk/ us

[ U ] COMMERCE the total amount of goods that a store or business has for sale:

They've got warehouses full of stock.
be in stock If an item is in stock, it can be supplied the next day.
have/keep sth in stock We can't keep enough high-end products in stock.
be out of stock If any part of your order is out of stock, we will notify you.
Most supermarkets don't have much back-room space to keep a lot of stock.

[ C or U ] PRODUCTION, COMMERCE, ACCOUNTING goods that a company owns, such as parts, materials, or finished products:

Companies will have to run down stocks before production can really pick up again.
We have reduced stock levels to reflect lower expectations of demand.
Firms should start preparing in January by deciding how much stock they'll need.

[ C or U ] PRODUCTION a supply of goods or materials:

Oklahoma provide up to 50% of the corn stock needed.
There is a shortage of housing stock.
Coffee prices rose ahead of an expected drop in stocks of beans.
World fish stocks are dangerously low.

[ C or U ] written abbreviation stk. STOCK MARKET, FINANCE part of the ownership of a company that people have as an investment in the form of shares:

In November, the company's stock hit $2 a share.
stock rises/falls The stock fell 15.5p below the flotation price.
invest in/buy/hold stock The plan would allow shareholders to buy stock at a 50% discount.
James cashed in his stocks and shares.
He received $1.9 million in stock.
She purchased three 1,000-share blocks of the stock.

[ C or U ] also government stock FINANCE, GOVERNMENT a type of low-risk investment sold by the government that produces a fixed rate of interest:

Dealers reported a flow of funds out of equities into government stock.
Her portfolio of shares and government stocks grew in value.

stockverb [ T ]

uk /stɒk/ us COMMERCE

to keep a supply of a particular type of goods for sale:

Stores can't stock every size and cut and color.
He decides which movies will be stocked at the chain's 650 stores.

to provide a supply of something to a store or company:

There's so much demand that I can't keep the store stocked.
be well stocked (with sth) Manufacturers are well stocked with cheap coffee bought in advance of the quotas.

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