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"stride" in English

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uk /straɪd/ us /straɪd/

stride noun (CLOTHES)

strides [ plural ] Australian English informal


a new pair of strides

strideverb [ I usually + adv/prep ]

uk /straɪd/ us /straɪd/ strode, stridden

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"stride" in American English

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strideverb [ I always + adv/prep ]

us /strɑɪd/ past tense and past participle strode /stroʊd/ , past participle stridden /strɪd·ən/

stride verb [ I always + adv/prep ] (WALK)

to walk somewhere quickly with long steps:

She strode across the room and demanded to speak to the manager.


us /strɑɪd/

stride noun (DEVELOPMENT)

[ C usually pl ] an important positive development:

They have already made great strides in improving service.

stride noun (WALK)

[ C ] a step, esp. a long step:

He reached me in one long stride.

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