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uk /strɪp/ us /strɪp/ -pp-

strip verb (REMOVE PARTS)

[ T ] to remove parts of a machine, vehicle, or engine in order to clean or repair it:

I've decided to strip down my motorbike and rebuild it.

[ T ] mainly US to remove the parts of a car, etc. in order to sell them


uk /strɪp/ us /strɪp/

strip noun (REMOVE CLOTHING)

[ S ] UK an entertainment in which the performer removes all his or her clothing:

He jumped up on the table and started to do a strip.

(Definition of “strip” from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"strip" in American English

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us /strɪp/ -pp-

strip verb (REMOVE COVERING)

[ T ] to remove, pull, or tear the covering or outer layer from something:

I have this cabinet that had about eight layers of paint on it, and I stripped it down to refinish it.

[ T ] If you strip someone of something, you remove it from that person:

Canada wants to strip Luitjens, a retired University of British Columbia botany instructor, of his citizenship.

strip verb (REMOVE CLOTHING)

[ I/T ] to remove your clothes, or to remove the clothes from someone else:

[ M ] It was so hot that we stripped off our shirts.
[ I ] We were told to strip to the waist (= remove our clothes above the waist).
[ I ] The nurse told me to strip down to my underwear (= remove all of my clothes except my underwear).


us /strɪp/

strip noun (PIECE)

[ C ] a long, flat, narrow piece:

a strip of land
He didn’t have a bandage, so he ripped up his shirt into thin strips.


[ U ] the act of removing your clothes, esp. as an entertainment:

I jumped on the table and started to do a strip.

(Definition of “strip” from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"strip" in Business English

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stripverb [ T ]

uk /strɪp/ us -pp-

FINANCE to remove the interest payments from a bond and sell them separately from the original bond:

Certain of these securities may have variable interest rates and others may be stripped.

also strip sth down to separate a machine or piece of equipment into separate parts in order to clean or repair it:

Apprentices are taught how to strip and repair machinery.

stripnoun [ C ]

uk /strɪp/ us also strip mall US COMMERCE

a row of stores and small businesses built together along the side of a main road:

(Definition of “strip” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)