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uk /stʌf/ us /stʌf/

stuff noun (THING(S))

B1 [ U ] informal a substance, especially when you do not know or say exactly what it is:

There's sticky stuff all over the chair.
What's this black stuff?
He drinks gallons of tea - he loves the stuff.

[ U ] informal things that someone says or does, when you are referring to them in a general way without saying exactly what they are:

All that stuff she has been saying about Lee is just not true.
We did some really interesting stuff today.
I have to go now - I've got stuff to do.
I've read all her books - I really like her stuff.

[ U ] informal someone's possessions or things that they take somewhere with them:

We'll have to carry all our camping stuff.
Do you want help bringing your stuff in from the van?
We can't move to a smaller place - we've got too much stuff.
and stuff

used to refer to more things of a similar kind to ones you have mentioned, when you do not say exactly what they are:

This is the drawer where I keep paper and envelopes and stuff.
The classrooms all have computers and interactive whiteboards and stuff.
I was embarrassed because he wanted to talk about love and stuff.

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uk /stʌf/ us /stʌf/

stuff verb (FILL)

[ T ] to completely fill a container with something:

Stuff the pillow and then sew up the final seam.
Under her bed, they found a bag stuffed with money.

C2 [ T ] informal to push something into a small space, often quickly or in a careless way:

This suitcase is absolutely full - I can't stuff another thing into it.

[ T ] to fill the body of a dead animal with special material so that it looks as if it is still alive

[ T ] mainly UK offensive (of a man) to have sex with a woman

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stuffnoun [ U ]

us /stʌf/

stuff noun [ U ] (SUBSTANCE)

a substance or material:

What’s the black stuff on the rug?
This stuff tastes good.

stuff noun [ U ] (THINGS)

a group of different things, activities, or matters:

We helped him move his stuff to the new apartment.
I’ve got a lot of stuff to do this weekend.
They’d heard all this stuff before.

stuffverb [ T ]

us /stʌf/

stuff verb [ T ] (FILL)

to fill the inside of something:

I can’t stuff another thing into this suitcase.

To stuff a turkey, or other meat or vegetable, is to fill it with other food before cooking it.

If you stuff yourself, you eat a large amount of food:

The kids stuffed themselves with snacks.

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Increasing numbers are throwing in the towel, however, which has already led to a dependence on imports in the field of fruit, vegetables and feeding-stuff production.
We do not want the stuff!
However, if we are trying to deal with consumer protection, let us have some consumer protection on the stuff that we write as well.
Transport and communication has been old-fashioned stuff that has been put in the budget year after year, but there are new technologies that we also need to take into account.
Sometimes we should focus on what we do well and try to forget some of the stuff that we do not do so well, such as the one-size-fits-all mentality.
She was able to spare some of my blushes and protect me from some of the awful stuff that was available!
As someone once said, 'stuff happens'.