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uk /səbˈstæn.ʃəl/ us /səbˈstæn.ʃəl/

substantial adjective (LARGE)

B2 large in size, value, or importance:

The findings show a substantial difference between the opinions of men and women.
She inherited a substantial fortune from her grandmother.
The first draft of his novel needed a substantial amount of rewriting.

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us /səbˈstæn·ʃəl/

large in size, value, or importance:

He took a substantial amount of money.
They do a substantial portion of their business by phone.

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"substantial" in Business English

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uk /səbˈstænʃəl/ us

large in size, value, or importance:

a substantial amount/number/portion of sth Banks make a substantial amount of money investing your money.
substantial changes/differences/improvements We've made substantial changes in how we go about doing our business.
a substantial increase/reduction/rise in sth The company posted a substantial increase in profits during the year to £3.5m.

[ before noun ] formal relating to the main or most important things being considered:

Unions and bosses reached substantial agreement.

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Numerous recent health warnings have made the need for information even more urgent, to which one must add the substantial increase in the number of food allergies.
If there is to be peace, there has to be a new order, and we must make a robust and substantial contribution to achieving this at last.
The simplified procedure based on substantial equivalence will be abandoned and authorisations will be limited to a period of 10 years.
The first extends the scope of criminal responsibility to behaviour resulting in substantial harm to people, beyond the limited criterion of death or serious injury.
We need to develop controls on satellite positioning and improve logbooks, and each state must establish substantial and adequate human and material resources.
Faced with so substantial an argument, one is almost inclined to shrink back and deny that any criticism of this directive was intended.
They provide substantial support for local communities.
There have, firstly, been substantial corrections to the quotas, in order to adjust catch possibilities in line with the scientific evidence.
Attaining these aims, however, requires not only political commitment but also substantial changes to economic and monetary policy, which we have unfortunately not achieved up to now.
A substantial proportion of this minority have joined the ranks of those who did not manage and found it impossible to adjust to the new circumstances.