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uk /səbˈstæn.ʃəl/ us /səbˈstæn.ʃəl/

substantial adjective (LARGE)

B2 large in size, value, or importance:

The findings show a substantial difference between the opinions of men and women.
She inherited a substantial fortune from her grandmother.
The first draft of his novel needed a substantial amount of rewriting.

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us /səbˈstæn·ʃəl/

large in size, value, or importance:

He took a substantial amount of money.
They do a substantial portion of their business by phone.

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"substantial" in Business English

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uk /səbˈstænʃəl/ us

large in size, value, or importance:

a substantial amount/number/portion of sth Banks make a substantial amount of money investing your money.
substantial changes/differences/improvements We've made substantial changes in how we go about doing our business.
a substantial increase/reduction/rise in sth The company posted a substantial increase in profits during the year to £3.5m.

[ before noun ] formal relating to the main or most important things being considered:

Unions and bosses reached substantial agreement.

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Although these costs form a substantial part of the total costs incurred, it is wrong to suppose that this means the total costs are known.
We thus call for greater transparency and a substantial flow of information from the future committee on safe seas and the prevention of pollution as well.
My group therefore considers that this report is, in fact, too immature and too superficial to provide a substantial contribution to the discussion.
Let me read that in the context of the challenge made to me as to whether there is a substantial legal basis or not.
We should not destabilise the delicate compromise package by seeking to further amend this directive, which already delivers substantial and very real environmental improvements.
I think that is a very important point, and a substantial annex will be appended to this regulation in order to ensure that this is done.
I would advocate a realistic approach, an approach based on the knowledge that electricity production from renewable energy sources can never form a substantial element of total energy production.
Two committees made substantial input to it.
They must be able to act within the terms of the amended directive so that there is no need to set up new bodies at substantial staffing and financial cost.
There has been a substantial variation in the velocity of circulation because of new developments within the financial services industry and this is merely another one of those.