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uk /suːt/ /sjuːt/ us /suːt/

suit noun (SET OF CLOTHES)

A2 [ C ] a jacket and trousers or a jacket and skirt that are made from the same material:

All the businessmen were wearing pinstripe suits.
She wore a dark blue suit.

[ C ] a set of clothes or a piece of clothing to be worn in a particular situation or while doing a particular activity:

a diving/protective/ski, etc. suit
a suit of armour

More examples

  • She wore a classic navy suit.
  • Could you pick up my suit from the cleaner's for me, please?
  • He was dressed in a dark grey suit.
  • She always looks very professional in her smart suits.
  • It's regulation to wear suits at the office.

suitverb [ T ]

uk /suːt/ /sjuːt/ us /suːt/

suit verb [ T ] (BE RIGHT)

B2 to be right for a particular person, situation, or occasion:

A lot of corn is grown in this area - the soil seems to suit it very well.
The city lifestyle seems to suit her - she looks great.

B2 (usually of a colour or style of clothes) to make someone look more attractive:

You should wear more red - it suits you.
Short skirts don't really suit me - I don't have the legs for them.

More examples

  • The software can be modified to suit the particular needs of the end user.
  • How does family life suit you?
  • "Will a loan of $500 be sufficient?" "That will suit me fine."
  • I don't suppose I have any books that would suit your sophisticated tastes.
  • Couldn't you contrive a meeting between them? I think they'd be ideally suited.

suit verb [ T ] (BE CONVENIENT)

B2 to be convenient and cause the least difficulty for someone:

We could go now or this afternoon - whatever time suits you best.
"How about eight o'clock at the cinema?" "That suits me fine."

More examples

  • The opposition leader accused government ministers of manipulating the statistics to suit themselves.
  • Which evening would suit you best for the party?
  • Part-time work would suit me right down to the ground.
  • Which time suits you better - 12.30 or one o'clock?
  • We can go to the seven o'clock performance or the eight - whichever suits you best.

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"suit" in American English

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suitverb [ T ]

us /sut/

suit verb [ T ] (WORK WELL)

to be convenient or work well for someone or something:

What time suits you best?
The job of a salesman seems to suit him.

To suit also means to make someone look more attractive:

That new hairstyle really suits you – you look terrific.

Phrasal verb(s)

suitnoun [ C ]

us /sut/

suit noun [ C ] (CLOTHES)

a set of clothes made of the same material and usually consisting of a jacket and pants or skirt

A suit is also a set of clothes or a piece of clothing to be worn in a particular situation or for a particular activity:

a bathing suit

slang A suit is also someone in business, esp. when compared with an artist or ordinary worker:

The network suits don’t care about the fans who show up at the ballpark.

suit noun [ C ] (LEGAL CASE)

a lawsuit:

She brought a suit against the HMO for medical malpractice.

suit noun [ C ] (CARD TYPE)

any of the four types of cards in a set of playing cards, each having a different symbol printed on it:

The four suits in a deck of cards are hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds.

(Definition of “suit” from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"suit" in Business English

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suitnoun [ C ]

uk /suːt/ us

also lawsuit LAW a problem or complaint taken for a decision to a court of law by a person or organization rather than by the police or the government:

bring/file a suit They have brought a suit for damages against the company.
a civil/class-action/libel suit
file suit

LAW to take a problem or complaint to a court of law for a decision:

30 people have filed suit against the company.

a jacket and trousers or a jacket and skirt that are made from the same material:

a business/pinstripe suit She wore a smart grey business suit to work.

[ usually plural ] informal an executive, especially in advertising, the film industry, etc., rather than a creative (= writer, artist, etc.) working in one of these industries:

We'll leave the suits in the boardroom to worry about this.

(Definition of “suit” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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