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uk /suːˈpɪə.ri.ər/ us /səˈpɪr.i.ɚ/

superior adjective (BETTER)

C1 better than average or better than other people or things of the same type:

This is clearly the work of a superior artist.
She was chosen for the job because she was the superior candidate.
For babies, breastfeeding is superior to bottle-feeding.
The government troops were superior in numbers (= there were more of them).

C2 disapproving A superior person believes that or acts as if they are better than other people:

a superior manner/smile
I can't stand Amanda - she's so superior.

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superiornoun [ C ]

uk /suːˈpɪə.ri.ər/ us /səˈpɪr.i.ɚ/

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superioradjective [ not gradable ]

us /sʊˈpɪər·i·ər/

superior adjective [ not gradable ] (BETTER)

better than average, or better than others of the same type:

They were clearly the superior team.
Some people think acoustic recordings are superior to digital ones.

disapproving A person who is superior or behaves in a superior way believes that he or she is better than other people:

I can’t stand Bill’s superior attitude.

superior adjective [ not gradable ] (HIGHER)

higher in rank or position than others:

When your superior officer gives you an order, you do it.

superiornoun [ C ]

us /sʊˈpɪr·i·ər/

superior noun [ C ] (HIGHER PERSON)

a person or group of people who are higher in rank or position than others :

We will need a letter of recommendation from one of your superiors.

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"superior" in Business English

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uk /suːˈpɪəriər/ us

better in quality than other things of a similar type:

We pride ourselves on having achieved a corporate culture of superior performance.
superior products/brands
superior customer/after-sales service
be superior to sth The firm's technology is widely regarded as being superior to that of its rivals.
far/vastly superior (to sth) The school system was far superior when he left than it was when he was elected mayor.

WORKPLACE having a higher position than someone else in a company or organization:

superior officers

superiornoun [ C ]

uk /suːˈpɪəriər/ us WORKPLACE

someone who has a higher position than another employee or group of employees in a company or organization:

71% of workers surveyed said they had been insulted, ignored, or otherwise treated discourteously by their superiors.
Conflicts can usually be contained if dealt with by an immediate superior.
Any unusual incidents should be reported to your superior.
Travel expenses must be authorized and approved by your superiors.

(Definition of “superior” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)