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uk /ʃɔːr/ us /ʃʊr/

A2 certain; without any doubt:

"What's wrong with him?" "I'm not really sure."
I'm sure (that) I left my keys on the table.
I feel absolutely sure (that) you've made the right decision.
It now seems sure (that) the election will result in another victory for the government.
Shaun isn't sure whether/if he'll be able to come to the party or not.
Is there anything you're not sure of/about?
We arrive early to be sure of getting a good seat.
There is only one sure way (= one way that can be trusted) of finding out the truth.
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for sure

B1 certain or certainly:

I know for sure that I won't be able to go to the party.
One thing's for sure - once the baby's born, your lives will never be the same again.
be sure of yourself

B2 to be very or too confident:

She's become much more sure of herself since she got a job.
be sure of sth

B2 be confident that something is true:

He said that he wasn't completely sure of his facts.
be sure of/about sb

UK to have confidence in and trust someone:

Henry has only been working for us for a short while, and we're not really sure about him yet.
You can always be sure of Kay.
be sure to

C1 to be certain to:

She's sure to win.
I want to go somewhere where we're sure to have good weather.
make sure (that)

A2 to look and/or take action to be certain that something happens, is true, etc.:

Make sure you lock the door when you go out.

If you have a sure knowledge or understanding of something, you know or understand it very well:

I don't think he has a very sure understanding of the situation.

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uk /ʃɔːr/ us /ʃʊr/ informal

A2 certainly:

"Do you want to come swimming with us?" "Sure."
mainly US "Will you help me with this?" "Sure I will."
US I sure am hungry.
US "I can't do it!" "Sure you can. I'll help you."

US said when someone has thanked you:

"Thanks for helping us out." "Sure, any time."

More examples

  • Sure I'll help you.
  • 'Are you coming to the park?' ' Sure!'
  • 'Do you fancy a pizza?' 'Sure. Let's ask Andy too.'

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"sure" in American English

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sureadjective [ -er/-est only ]

us /ʃʊər/ /ʃoʊr/

certain; without any doubt:

"No more dessert for me, thank you." "Are you sure?"
[ + (that) clause ] I’m sure (that) I left my keys on the table.
[ + question word ] I’m not sure where they live.
If there’s anything you’re not sure of/about, just ask.
He said that he wasn’t completely sure of his facts (= not certain that his information was correct).
We arrived early, to be sure of getting a good seat.
[ + to infinitive ] She’s sure to win.

If you are sure of yourself, you are confident:

She’s much more sure of herself since she started work.


sureadverb [ -er/-est only ]

us /ʃʊr/ /ʃoʊr/


"Do you want to come swimming with us?" "Sure."
I sure am hungry (= I am very hungry).

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