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"sweat" in British English

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uk /swet/ us /swet/

sweat noun (LIQUID)

B2 [ U ] the clear, salty liquid that you pass through your skin:

The dancers were dripping with/pouring with sweat after a morning's rehearsal.
By the time we'd climbed to the top of the hill, we were covered in sweat.
She wiped the beads (= drops) of sweat from her forehead.
figurative The cathedral was built by human toil and sweat (= effort).

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sweat noun (CLOTHES)

sweats [ plural ] US UK tracksuit

a loose top and trousers, worn either by people who are training for a sport or exercising, or as informal clothing

sweatverb [ I ]

uk /swet/ us /swet/

sweat verb [ I ] (PRODUCE LIQUID)

B2 to pass sweat through the skin because you are hot, ill, or frightened:

It was so hot when we arrived in Tripoli that we started to sweat as soon as we got off the plane.
The prisoners were sweating with fear.
informal I was so afraid, I was sweating like a pig (= sweating a lot).

If something sweats, it produces drops of liquid on the outside:

The walls in older houses sometimes sweat with damp.

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sweat verb [ I ] (WORK HARD)

to work very hard to achieve something:

Volunteers sweated to get the room ready for the dance.

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"sweat" in American English

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sweatverb [ I ]

us /swet/ past tense sweat or sweated, present participle sweated fml perspire

to excrete a salty, colorless liquid through the skin, esp. when you are hot or frightened:

He was sweating profusely.

If something sweats, it has drops of liquid on the outside:

The soda cans sweat in this humidity.

You may say you sweat if you feel worried:

We have to sweat about money because we don’t have much of it.

sweatnoun [ U ]

us /swet/ fml perspiration

the salty, colorless liquid that you excrete through your skin:

beads of sweat

Sweat is also effort or work:

They lived off the sweat and toil of others.

(Definition of “sweat” from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)