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uk /ˈtæk.əl/ us /ˈtæk.əl/

tackle verb (SPORT)

B2 [ I or T ] (especially in football or hockey) to try to take the ball from a player in the other team, or (in rugby or American football) to do this by taking hold of the player and making them fall



uk /ˈtæk.əl/ us /ˈtæk.əl/

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tackleverb [ T ]

us /ˈtæk·əl/

tackle verb [ T ] (KNOCK DOWN)

to catch and knock down someone who is running, esp. in the game of football:

All four players were unable to tackle the quarterback before he scored a touchdown.

tackle verb [ T ] (ATTACK)

to attack or to deal with something:

There are many ways of tackling this problem.


us /ˈtæk·əl/

tackle noun (EQUIPMENT)

[ U ] the equipment used in fishing or to lift or raise things on a ship

tackle noun (KNOCKING DOWN)

[ C ] an act of knocking someone down, or a football player who is supposed to do this:

A flying tackle brought him down.
He’s an offensive/defensive tackle.

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"tackle" in Business English

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tackleverb [ T ]

uk /ˈtækl/ us

to try to deal with something:

The first thing the new government must do is to tackle inflation.
tackle a crisis/question/problem
I felt that the whole subject was too sensitive to tackle.

to talk to someone about a difficult situation, usually because you disagree with them:

tackle sb on/about sth I was determined to tackle my boss on the way I had been treated.

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We must tackle the problems at their source by putting forward specific actions right now, while accepting the inherent uncertainties of scientific knowledge.
On no account will we accept an attempt to tackle problems by means of across-the-board cuts, as was discussed for the previous budget.
Furthermore, fewer problems will arise if we tackle the language issue through learning, through the learning of many languages, than if we approach this from a regionalist point of view.
We must tackle that particular problem.
We must tackle this.
If the budgetary authority agrees, a number of these posts could be allocated to tackle the kind of problems which we are discussing today.
The meeting will consider how a comprehensive approach at national and international level might tackle these three diseases and how we can make a difference.
Indeed, as regards agriculture, we believe that it is vital to set up a fund to tackle the enormous problems in the primary sector.
I think that everything points to the urgent need to tackle reforms in a decisive manner and to ensure that freedom of expression is properly protected.
Secondly, we must tackle congestion.
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