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"tank" in British English

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tanknoun [ C ]

uk /tæŋk/ us /tæŋk/

tank noun [ C ] (CONTAINER)

C2 a container that holds liquid or gas:

a water tank
a fuel/petrol tank

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  • We'll have to get a plumber in to look at that water tank.
  • There was a tank of live lobsters in the restaurant.
  • Liquid and solid waste is collected in the tank.
  • Oil was trickling from a tiny hole in the tank.
  • The car blew up when flames reached its fuel tank.

tank noun [ C ] (VEHICLE)

C1 a large military fighting vehicle designed to protect those inside it from attack, driven by wheels that turn inside moving metal belts


  • He was killed when his tank ran over a mine.
  • The gun fires a shell capable of piercing the armour of an enemy tank.
  • The second projectile exploded after hitting a tank.

tankverb [ I ]

uk /tæŋk/ us /tæŋk/ informal

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"tank" in American English

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tanknoun [ C ]

us /tæŋk/

tank noun [ C ] (CONTAINER)

a container that holds liquid or gas:

a water tank
fuel/gas/oxygen tanks
a fish tank

tank noun [ C ] (VEHICLE)

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"tank" in Business English

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tanknoun [ C ]

uk /tæŋk/ us

a container for holding liquid or gas:

a fuel/gas/propane tank

the contents of a tank, or the amount that it will hold:

a tank of sth The car can be driven 500 miles on a single 10-gallon tank of gas.
in the tank

informal US in a very bad state or situation, especially because of being too low in price, value, etc.:

People will not agree to this sort of spending if the economy is in the tank.
It is not surprising that the company's shares are in the tank, recently hitting a 52-week low of 15.40.

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tankverb [ I ]

uk /tæŋk/ us informal

to suddenly begin to have serious problems, especially by falling a lot in price, value, etc.:

The state was expecting an increase in tax revenues, but that was before the economy tanked.
Car exports in the year to April tanked 23%.

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