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teamnoun [ C, + sing/pl verb ]

uk /tiːm/ us /tiːm/

A2 a number of people or animals who do something together as a group:

a team of investigators
Team GB (= the athletes representing Great Britain in a sport)

used in a number of phrases that refer to people working together as a group in order to achieve something:

It was a real team effort - everyone contributed something to the success of the project.

also Team used to refer to a group of people who support a particular person or a particular point of view:

In this discussion, we're on Team Marisa.

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teamverb [ I ]

uk /tiːm/ us /tiːm/

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teamnoun [ C ]

us /tim/

a number of people who act together as a group, either in a sport or in order to achieve something:

the legal/medical team
My favorite team is the New York Giants.

A team is also two or more horses or other animals working together to pull a load:

a team of oxen

teamverb [ I ]

us /tim/

to act together to achieve something:

Lang teamed with Draper to develop the vaccine.
Williamson and Erving teamed to give the Nets another championship.

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"team" in Business English

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teamnoun [ C ]

uk /tiːm/ us

HR, WORKPLACE a group of people who work together on a particular activity, project, etc.:

When I came back from holiday we had a new team in charge.
head/lead/manage a team She led a team developing a new marketing initiative.
Every member of the team has an important contribution to make.
We need to consult our legal team on this.

a number of sports players who play together under a particular name:

a football/baseball/basketball team
Her ambition was to play for her national team.
work as a team

to work together in order to achieve a shared aim, rather than trying to achieve things just for yourself or working against others:

Working as a team will enable us to achieve things we never could alone.

teamverb [ I ]

uk /tiːm/ us also team up HR, WORKPLACE

to get together with another person, group, or organization to do a job:

team (up) with sb Some small community hospitals are looking to team up with bigger health care providers.
team (up) with sb to do sth The shop is teaming with high-end manufacturers to offer exclusive products to its customers.
team up to do sth The two companies have teamed up to provide a new class of multimedia services.

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