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us /ðiz/

pl of this


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The necessary measure to combat these diseases would lead to an overall lifting of the quality of life for some of the world's poorest people.
Far from constituting barriers to the implementation of the agreement under consideration, these observations - and we would emphasise this - are an attempt to increase its relevance and durability.
We are examining directives on rail, air transport, and on nautical and technical services next week, all aiming to liberalise these sectors.
We ought to be addressing these questions and stop thinking we can help these people fill their stomachs simply by opening the borders.
They came about by backing off and improving relations and by paving the way for these countries and nations to move towards democracy.
What is equally serious is the lack of a clear will on the part of the authorities to deal with these violations.
The undertaking by governments and private parties to making these countries self-sufficient no longer suffices, and is barely coping with circumstances, with the daily emergency.
In the report, we stress how important it is for countries that have been hit hard by these diseases to be able to import cheap and generic medicines.
Poverty-related diseases are a serious threat to the development of poor countries, and we have the important task of helping these countries fight these diseases.
Even when they are defending interests, people also have a conscience and this is what drives the world forwards, even in these current troubled times.